Man Tried Killing Stray Kittens But This Adorable Blep Luckily Survived

Man Tried Killing Stray Kittens But This Adorable Blep Luckily Survived

Thanks to Zimes' owner Margot Tamar Riemer, the adorable blep now has a loving home and thousands of followers on social media.

Image Source: (L) Facebook/Zimes The Cat (R) Instagram/zimesthecat

An adorable green-eyed feline named Zimes has his tongue sticking out 24/7 and this cheeky expression has amassed quite a following. But the incident that led to this cute blep expression, unfortunately, isn't a pleasant one. When Zimes was just 3 weeks old, a guy released his pitbull dogs to kill the stray cat. He was then rescued by a girl who ultimately handed him to his loving parent Margot Tamar Riemer. "The girl who rescued him rescues animals in need all the time, and she got a call about a guy who releases his pitbull dogs to kill stray cats, for fun," Riemer told the Metro.



"She went there and said it was a massacre, there were cats dead with missing limbs, many injured and many did not make it as well. My Zimes was one of them," continued the resident of Israel. Although he survived the attack, the cat lost half of his lower jaw during the massacre which resulted in his disfigured face. "When I think about this story, it makes me cry because I cannot understand how someone can be so cruel. It is pure evil to do something like this," Riemer expressed. "Zimes made it, and I am so grateful that he did. I have no idea if they caught the guy with the pitbull or not, but I hope they did. He deserves to be in prison."


Riemer had no idea that her cat would win over hearts with this charming blep when she first brought him home. The heavily injured animal looked quite normal. It was only after a month or two that Riemers noticed Zimes' tongue began poking out. "I felt like he was still adorable and the only thing I wanted was to protect him," expressed Riemer, who loves adopting cats with special needs. Riemer's unique admiration for such animals comes from her own compromised health conditions which require extra care and attention.


The feline owner revealed that she is suffering from cystic fibrosis, a potentially life-threatening lung illness, and this illness encouraged her to build a special affinity for animals who need more care than others. "I know what’s it like to be different and not to be accepted. I know that if I were a cat that needed treatment and care, I would be left at the shelter and no one would want to adopt me," she explained. "I feel like rescuing those cats, in a way, rescued me."


"In my experience, the animals who were the most neglected, sickest, the ones with special needs and nobody wants, feel it. And when you open up your heart to them, they will love you and be forever grateful. They give you pure love," added Riemer, who doesn't regret opening her home to Zimes as he returns her love in equal measures. Furthermore, she explains how these animals love their owners despite their shortcomings. She simply wants to reciprocate this unconditional love they have for humans. 


"I was depressed before I got Zimes," she confessed. "But he became a light of hope for me, and I know adopting and rescuing an animal like him can give a person so much. When you rescue animals, it is not only for them, it also fills your soul with joy and love." The duo is extremely close and the understanding between them helps them communicate better. "Zimes is so gentle, so loving. He talks to me all the time with his meows, he sleeps with me in bed, he never hisses, never attacks. He has the soul of an angel, sometimes I feel like he is a little human. He is even kind to my other cats. He is super playful and goofy as well," she added.


Thankfully, Zimes' funny little tongue won't be causing him any health issues and the vet has simply advised that he drinks plenty of water. "He eats normally and there is no need for reconstructive surgery because his condition does not bother him at all. I want to spare him vet visits because he really does not like going!" she shared about Zimes's condition. A Facebook and Instagram page has been created for him and Riemer constantly updates his fans with adorable photographs of Zimes and her other rescues. "I think I love every little thing about this cat. When he looks into your eyes you can see his soul, he is pure. He makes me laugh all the time. He is incredible," added Riemer. Be sure to check out her social media pages for your daily dose of cuteness.

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