Robin Williams' Daughter Finds Adorable Photos Of Him While 'Isolation Spring Cleaning'

Robin Williams' Daughter Finds Adorable Photos Of Him While 'Isolation Spring Cleaning'

The 30-year-old actress, Zelda Williams, was just 24 when her father died in 2014.

Image Source: Twitter/Zelda Williams

The self-isolation amidst the Coronavirus outbreak meant staying productive for Zelda Williams, who also found a reason to smile while she was at it. On Wednesday, the 30-year-old actress posted an adorable old strip of photos she had taken with her late father and legend Robin Williams. She stumbled across the pictures as she did some spring cleaning while staying at home to help prevent the spread of the virus. Isolation spring deep cleaning is turning up some fun old gems, wrote Zelda while uploading the shots. The first photograph shows the two simply smiling at the camera while the rest reveal their goofy side as they make silly and hilarious faces at each other before Zelda covers her face with her arms in the last one. 



Zelda has been very open when it comes to expressing her love for her father. Williams, who was known for his humor and philanthropy, passed away in August 2013 after suffering from Lewy Body Dementia, which is a type of brain disease that affects one's thoughts, memories, and movement controls. After Alzheimer’s disease, it is the most common type of progressive dementia, reports PEOPLE. Following his tragic death at the age of 63, Zelda took to social media and opened up about grieving her father's death.


In a lengthy 2018 Instagram post, a few days before Williams' birthday, Zela expressed the mixed emotions she felt on the day of his death. It’s that time of year again. Everyone who has dealt with loss knows the pain of certain anniversaries, moments full of memory that come round like clockwork and usurp all others, no matter how hard you may try to prepare for or avoid them, read the caption of a heartwarming father-daughter photograph according to Eonline. These weeks are the hardest for me, and thus, you’ll see me a lot less, if at all. For all the internet’s good intentions in expressing to me their fondness for dad, it’s very overwhelming to have strangers need me to know how much they cared for him right now. It’s harder still to be expected to reach back, continued Zelda who was 24 when Williams passed away. 


So while I’ve got the strength, consider this my one open armed response, before I go take my yearly me time to celebrate his and my birthdays in peace. Thank you for loving him. Thank you for supporting him and his life’s work. Thank you for missing him. I do too, she wrote encouraging fans to celebrate her late father's birthday by performing a good deed on his behalf. If you’d like to do something in his honor, volunteer at your local homeless shelter, or look up how to make homeless aid backpacks. Give one in his name. He’d have loved that, concluded the post.



Williams and Zelda have always shared a strong and beautiful bond and as last year came to an end, she received a special sign that the two are always bound together in eternity. The emotional scene unraveled as the 30-year-old tried out the new Disney-themed Instagram filter to see which popular animated character she would get. To her pleasant surprise, she got the character, Genie, her father voiced for Disney's animated epic Aladdin.  Overwhelmed by the results, Zelda was quick to upload the heartwarming clip on Twitter and the social media platform boomed with joy.



Although the filter seems to work on a random number generator, the results have been quite amusing for fans who have tried it. But Zelda landing on the Genie from Aladdin was undoubtedly the most popular occurrence which immediately gained her over 159,000 likes. You're not the first person whose parents give you signs that they are watching you my dad is a similar thing he lets my family know he is watching us by leaving white feathers behind and his favorite number seen randomly, tweeted one user. What are the chances? I like to imagine that was your dad's doing, making you laugh to this day! wrote another. 

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