Zappos Now Sells Single And Mix-Size Shoes For People With Physical Differences

Zappos Now Sells Single And Mix-Size Shoes For People With Physical Differences

Customers now have the option to buy a single shoe or get a pair of shoes in different sizes.

Image Source: YouTube/Zappos.com

Time and again, experience has proven that one size doesn't fit all. Zappos has taken that into consideration and they have come up with the launch of a revolutionary new program: The Single & Different Size Shoes Test. Zappos Adaptive, run by Zappos.com, now offers customers the option to purchase a single shoe or shoes of different sizes. According to ABC News, the first-of-its-kind digital "test" which started Tuesday, is aimed at amputees, those with differing foot sizes, and others who have been neglected by the footwear industry until now. This initiative is going to be greatly appreciated by many!


The company, which is owned by online shopping giant Amazon.com Inc., revealed that for years, their customers have been asking for new options. The requests just kept coming at them after the Zappos Adaptive site was launched in 2017. This is a curated shopping experience that offers functional and fashionable products to make getting dressed easier. "The Single and Different Size Shoes Test Program is very close to our hearts – we wanted our community to know that we heard them, and continue to listen and innovate based on their needs and wants," said Dana Zumbo, Business Development Manager, Zappos Adaptive in a statement.


"Customer service is our number one goal, and we're endlessly committed to ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and confident in their own shoe or shoes." According to CNN, Zappos already offers an array of shoes for people with disabilities or dexterity issues, including footwear with features like zippers around the front or back for easy access to put on or take off the shoes. "But we've been getting many requests over the years from people asking us if we can also sell them a single shoe or different sized pairs," said Dana Zumbo, business development manager with Zappos Adaptive. As of now, the Single & Different Size Shoes Test is a small-scale effort with about 80 styles and colors available in adult and kids sizes.


The stellar collection includes sneakers and slip-on's from six well-known brands: Nike, BILLY Footwear, Converse, PLAE, Stride Rite, and New Balance. The company revealed how it buys shoes from the brands in pairs. They then tweaked their warehouse so that the pairs could be split when they come in. Once an order is placed for single or mixed-sized shoes, it will be fulfilled from Zappos' existing inventory and specially packaged at its warehouse. "The shoes will be put in a resealable bag and then in a Zappos white box for shipping," said Zumbo. She explained that the Zappos hopes to get the brands to sell it one shoe at a time if the test proves to be successful.


While some may think this could cost more money, a single shoe does cost less than a pair, with prices ranging from $18.50 to $85. Basically, this works in quite a simple manner. You choose a design from its lineup of single shoes here. You then select your desired size and the foot the shoe is for (right or left), and add it to your cart. Now, depending on your personal needs, you can choose to add a second shoe of another size to your cart and the total amount comes up to what it would normally cost you to buy a pair of shoes. However, you could splurge on other pairs if your wallet allows you to do so. 


Zappos Adaptive partnered with comedian, author, and Para-athlete Josh Sundquist for the launch. "I'm so excited about this program. As an amputee, I've never been able to buy a single shoe before, so this is a game-changing moment for amputees and people with disabilities," Sundquist said in a statement. He also posted an Instagram video announcing the launch, and captioned it: People always ask if I get a 50% discount on shoes. The answer up until now has been no, although I do have a friend who’s an amputee on the opposite side that I trade with. I call him my solemate. We shared our first pair—which I happened to have ordered from Zappos—back in 2011. Which is leads us to the subject of this video.


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