Your Precious Old Moments Figurines Could Be Worth A Fortune Today

Your Precious Old Moments Figurines Could Be Worth A Fortune Today

The collectables were originally sold for $15. The whole set today could help you earn thousands of dollars.

Remember the Precious Moments figurines we used to get back in the day that was used to decorate the house? Well, if you have the whole "Original 21" set lying around in your house then you just might have hit the jackpot. When they were first introduced, the collectibles were sold for around $15 but now, they are definitely worth some serious money. The "Original 21" collection was released back in 1979. According to Today, the whole set could fetch you a handsome $750! The collectibles have sweet, teardrops eyes and angelic expressions and were once used to decorate the shelves at home. There apparently still exists a huge online market for them. So if you think it is just sitting there and gathering dust in some corner of your house then maybe it is time for you to think again!

The publication reports that the most prized 'Original 21' piece is called God Loveth a Cheerful Giver, according to an expert. This particular statue features a blonde child with a bow in her, hair holding a sign that says 'FREE puppies' and standing next to a wheelbarrow full of dogs. Originally, the price tag for the item was $15, but now it asks between $150 and $750 on eBay. Just the one piece sells for $750 so imagine the amount of money you can make if you have the full collection!


The whole set is apparently worth thousands of dollars. People who are still in possession of this item need to pay attention carefully. The cost of the entire set today could fetch you a lot more than a few grand depending on how old it is. The older the set, the pricier it is. It is pretty much like anything vintage, the older it gets, the more valuable it is. This is simply because you cannot get these vintage items anywhere else, they aren't manufactured anymore. Plus, they are very rarely found. They are unique.


These Precious collectibles will sell for a really good price not just on hold they are but how they have been maintained as well. If there are even a couple of defects on any of the statues then the price will drop significantly. Make sure that your figurines are kept in proper condition and do not have even one chip on them. Paul Burton, a spokesperson for Woolvey Fine Antiques & Collectibles, recommended to Today that people should dust their figurines with a makeup brush and wash them gently with mild, soapy water if necessary, but be careful not to get any water inside.


The 'Original 21' sure is selling for a hefty price online, be it the full set or just individual pieces. People often collect things in mint condition. VIntage items sell for a higher price for yet another reason - some people have memories attached to the object or the kind of object. For example, you could buy the old G.I. Joe action figures, the small ones that had so many accessories and were extremely flexible and felt as though they could never break simply because you played with them throughout your childhood.


Connecting almost anything with happy childhood memories is simply one of the best ways to sell a product. People get nostalgic and then feel the same attachment they felt when they were little. This is one of the reasons why people collect really old items when they can afford it. Sometimes, it doesn't even have to be something you played with or watched or even wore. Some times it is something that you used to see every single day in your house. You would have probably felt as though it had no purpose what so ever but for some reason, you still miss it. 


Although there is a really high demand for the 'Original 21' set, this doesn't mean that the other figurines are completely ignored. There are people willing to buy the other collectible items that are available online from Precious Moments. For example, Disney Precious Moments figure featuring Cinderella and Prince Charming called Your Love is a Perfect Fit, which displays a boy putting a glass slipper on a girl is being sold as well for a fairly decent price. This particular statue is now worth anywhere from $80 to $100.


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