'America’s Most Haunted Hotel' Is Inviting Couples To Stay Overnight On Valentine's Day

'America’s Most Haunted Hotel' Is Inviting Couples To Stay Overnight On Valentine's Day

Both guests and staff have reported paranormal activities at The Crescent Hotel.

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and it's time for couples to make big plans for the day. Well, if you're not looking for a typical romantic dinner, then we got news for you. If you and your partner are bonafide thrill-seekers, how about you spend the day of love at The Crescent Hotel at Eureka Springs, Arkansas? This hotel is famously known as "America's most haunted hotel" and it has been featured on TV shows like Ghost Hunters and My Ghost Story. The hotel has something planned out for all the thrill-seeking couples on Valentine's Day; you could spend the night with your partner!


The hotel is known for paranormal activities that have been reported by guests and staff alike. According to belief, guests and employees of the hotel are said to linger around, even after they've departed from Earth. When the hotel first opened its doors to the public in 1886, it was called the Crescent Hotel and Spa. Somehow, the hotel gives out a really eery vibe, earning its 'most haunted' reputation.


Do you still want to stay there? If that's a yes, then here's what the hotel has in store for you: All through the year, it offers patrons a number of spooky activities to partake in. These include seances, ghost tours, and paranormal conventions. When it's Halloween season, they have an array of events; something for everyone to participate in and experience the hotel known to be the most haunted in America. 


For Valentine's Day, the hotel is offering couples a package deal. This includes a one-night premium room stay with breakfast being served in the Crystal dining room, plus two tickets for a ghost tour and two ghost t-shirts as well.  If you have kids under 8, then I might suggest you find someone to take care of them while you go seek thrill with your loved one, because children below that age are not allowed. 


The Crescent Hotel was also nominated as the Best Haunted Hotel of 2019, reports Arkansas. The nomination comes after Norman Bates 'bottle grave' was discovered—500 bottles were found containing various chemical ingredients that resembled body parts. The University of Arkansas’ Archeological Survey Team unearthed them and confirmed that they belonged to Baker’s Cancer Curable Hospital in the 1930s, as it used to be on the hotel premises.


The discovery garnered a lot of attention, and explains why USA Today nominated The Crescent Hotel as the best-haunted hotel of 2019 through its 10 Best Readers' Choice travel awards. Jack Moyer, hotel general manager during the vote, said, "We hope fans and past visitors of our hotel will cast their vote for the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa which has been featured on 17 nationally syndicated paranormal television programs and one international program in Japan. I know that our hotel ‘guests who check out but never leave’ will appreciate it as well."





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