You Can NOW Take An Enchanting Trip Aboard The Real-Life Hogwarts Express

You Can NOW Take An Enchanting Trip Aboard The Real-Life Hogwarts Express

The train is scheduled to travel from the town of Fort William to Mallaig. Hurry and take your gang along with you!

Haven't we all wondered how it would be to take a ride on the Hogwarts Express for real through platform 9¾? What if we told you it could actually be done? This month onwards, the train that was actually featured in the Harry Potter movies will be allowing 'muggles' to enter the magical train for a journey through the Scottish countryside reports People.  The train is scheduled to travel from the town of Fort William to Mallaig. Remember the famous bridge over which Ron and Harry almost got killed by the train in the second movie? Yep, they'll pass through that same bridge, called Glenfinnan Viaduct. How exciting is this?



Sadly, while guests will not be able to pass through platform 9¾, however, they will board the classic red and black steam engine at a station nearly two hours from Glasgow and 90 minutes from Inverness. This way Dobby won't be able to stop you from getting onto the train. Tickets for the 84-mile scenic journey start at $50 for adults and $28 for children, and the train will run from April to October with two rides per day beginning in May.



Guests have an option to book either one-way or round-trip tickets, which allow for an hour and a half of exploration in Mallaig before the journey back to Fort William. While it's exciting to experience the Harry Potter life for themselves, one must brace for the inevitable that Hagrid won't be waiting with boats to take the first years to the Castle. The Sorting Hat won't be there, too, but you could buy a bunch of chocolate frogs or a batch of Bernie Botts Every Flavored Bean.


We all agree on the fact that none other than Tom Felton could play the role of Draco Malfoy this well, but did you know he first auditioned for the roles of Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley.  He also had to have the pockets of his school robes sewn so he wouldn't steal any food. Also, the name Dumbledore is an old English word for bumblebee. Rowling said she chose the name because she pictured Dumbledore humming to himself. She also said she regretted the relationship between Ron and Hermione. 



The Harry Potter craze is real and people are trying to incorporate it into their lives however they can. A teacher decided to introduce a Harry Potter themed curriculum at Adams 12 Five Star school in Thornton, reports KDVR. "I knew as a teacher that something that I needed to improve upon is teaching genetics," said 7th-grade science teacher Cyndi Colston. So she used the theme to get her students excited about genetics. 


“They were so into it, I just kept thinking, 'I wonder if I can do more and more with this,'" said Colston. But, a simple idea has now bloomed into a full-time curriculum and Colton uses the traits in the movie series to break down the science behind genetics. "For example, Hermione is a wizard, but her parents are muggles, so our big question on day three is to figure out what’s going on with Hermione," Colston said.



"The growth that students go through from start to finish... their genetics knowledge is insane," said another teacher, Elizabeth Lockwood. "I wouldn’t feel good about myself teaching it any other way." It was so successful that other teachers, too, have adopted the same teaching method and it seems to get the kids interested it in. "It’s honestly a life changer and it helps so much. And it’s going to stick with us forever and it’s something that we’re going to remember," said student Aurora Reid. 


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