Women Find Dad Bods More Attractive Than Rock-Hard Abs, Reveals Survey

Women Find Dad Bods More Attractive Than Rock-Hard Abs, Reveals Survey

A lot of people actually believe that a man who flaunts a dad bod is someone who is confident in their own skin. After all, confidence is attractive.

It's one thing to be healthy and fit, and another to be muscular. Women used to have a thing for the chiseled Gods (Thor, anyone?), but that seems to be a thing of the past. Now, men with a slight belly and no washboard abs are indubitably “more attractive” than they were in the past, according to the New York Post. Dad bods seemed to have gained popularity over the past few years, and even though the term was coined - 2015, to be exact - by a sophomore at Clemson University named Mackenzie Pearson, celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Chris Pratt have been endorsing it, too. 


Even though there is an abundance of those chiseled men around us, preferring dad bods over them is all about body positivity. Choosing a dad bod is less about not giving two hoots about your physical appearance, removing the pressure to keep hitting the gym to build a socially-acceptable body. You need to start being comfortable in your skin, and that could be with some flab around your waist and a pound or two more than your ideal weight. 


There are a lot of mental health benefits that come from loving yourself the way you are, and the sooner you realize that the "handsome hunks"  around you are not realistic portrayals of the men in today's time, the better it is for you to accept yourself. Thankfully, it seems like most people have had some sort of awakening because they're FINALLY beginning to find this type of body attractive!


U.S. Fitness Chain Planet Fitness conducted a survey and the results showed 78% of people think confidence is king. “Nearly four in five among both women and men believe a ‘dad bod’ is a sign of a man who is confident in his own skin,” according to the survey. Results also show 65% of people say the dad bod is attractive while 61% said men with dad bods are sexy – which is up 10% from 2018.



We live in a time where body shaming is slowly becoming unacceptable by the majority and body positivity is encouraged. The study, which was conducted on a national level, showed that nearly 23 million U.S. men claimed to have a dad bod, out of which 71% of them believe it is universally acceptable. Because of the widespread acceptance that men don't have to look like, say, Christiano Ronaldo, this year's results also showed that men with dad bods were relatively happier than in 2018. 



“More men with a dad bod – this year in comparison to last – say they are happier with their body – 79 percent vs. 64 percent. Having that body type has improved their life in some way – 72 percent vs. 62 percent,” the survey said.“Dad bod has made them more relaxed – 46 percent vs. 37 percent. Men who say their ‘dad bod’ has improved their life this year claim their body type has helped them accept themselves – 48 percent. Or made them less concerned with their appearance – 47 percent.” 



As they say, there are exceptions to every rule, and not everyone seems to be a fan of the dad bod. Karen Shriner wrote: The reason men get Dad bods is because they are bored with their partner and don’t care about staying attractive for them. But they will shape up quick when a sexy, skinny young thing shows interest and then leave their accepting wives for someone that makes them want to be better. Is this true?



Meanwhile, Aubree Timmons wrote:  My man has a layer of fat over his muscles I love it because it's not like sleeping on a rock but if he flexes you see and feel no type of fat! That's what I call a dad bod!!!! I am obsessed with him and his body! Peter Remedios shared some true words of advice: It’s not whether a dad bod is more attractive than a toned bod. When you love someone, the bod isn’t all that important!


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