Women Share What They Carry For Personal Safety While Running Alone, And It's Heartbreaking

Women Share What They Carry For Personal Safety While Running Alone, And It's Heartbreaking

A question posted on Twitter soon went viral about the list of items women actually carry around when they go for a jog or a run. The answers will break your heart!

Every now and then we require a little "me" time to peacefully reflect on life which otherwise is packed with our busy schedules. While some choose to lay low and find something interesting to do at home, others like going for a run or a solo hike which helps them clear their head. But there are times when women are overcome with a sense of hyper-vigilance when it comes to their personal security. Amanda Deibert, a writer for TV and comic books posted a tweet based on a thread from her mom's group which revealed how scary even a lonely run be.



She shared various ways in which women can protect themselves in case of an attack. Further widening the question she asked others what strategies they employed for their own safety. And this question quickly went viral. In an interview with Good Morning America she said, "When I was reading the thread that all just kind of hit me, that is something we all do, all the time, without thinking about it.  It speaks to how universal it is, that every woman does have an answer to this question." Women responded with pictures and comments on how they try to protect themselves. Judging from these comments, it's clear that the possibility of something going wrong to such an extent that it's been normalized. Here are some of their responses. 



1. Should this be a necessity to begin with?



2. Reading body language can go a long way



3. Let's take notes!



4. No one messes with the Hammer Lady!



5. Beware of the mother of dragons!



6. Now, this is convenient!



7. You never know when you might need one of these!



8. I'm sure she feels protected with him by her side!



9. Sad, but true



10. This is handy



11. This is heart-breaking



12. One out of five women will be sexually violated during their lifetime according to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center



13. Statistics show how 1 out of 71 men has a chance of being raped 



14. Is there any innocence left in the world?


15. Freedom is evidently just a concept


16. Erring on the side of caution



17. The fear is real!



18. Same old, same old



19. Well, that's one way to go



20. Better safe than sorry



21. That's one way to disarm them



22. All set


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