Women Are Actually BETTER Drivers Than Men, Concludes Study!

Women Are Actually BETTER Drivers Than Men, Concludes Study!

This is for every woman who has been told by at least one man that they drive better than women. Here's the proof you need to show them they're wrong.

It's an old preconceived notion that men are better drivers than men and several times have women heard that from arrogant men themselves. But now, it's time to put all the baseless arguments to an end because a new study has concluded women are actually better drivers than men. The study examined insurance, crime and driving test statistics, according to Independent, and women were proven to be better at the parameters than men. The research was first published by the car insurance and price comparison site Confused.com. So, if you ever find yourself amidst an argument over who can drive better, show them this!


It was revealed women take a bit longer than men to learn driving, but commit fewer motoring offenses, are far less likely to be involved in an accident and cost insurers less when they make claims. The study also noted men were four times likely to commit a motoring offense than women. When the most common motoring offenses are observed, men have committed the most crimes, it said. 


More than 585,000 drivers in total were taken to court for breaking the rules on road in England and Wales alone, and a staggering 79 percent of them were men. Women were also outnumbered by men five to one when it came to drunk driving offenses, and two to one for insurance-based offenses. Of course, it goes without saying that most men get a little vainglorious when they've had a drink or two. 


As for speeding, almost one in four men ( 23 percent)  were charged for overspeeding in comparison to one in 15 women ( a mere seven percent) for the same offense. Also, in the UK, women currently pay $120 less than men on average for insurance cover. The research claims insurers are justified in using gender to hand out lower motor premiums to women, even though it was banned under the rules by EU from six years ago. 


Men were also more likely to have bad habits than women when it comes to driving, like indicating when changing lanes. 23 percent of male motorists confessing to not indicating when switching lanes as compared to 17 percent of females. Even though women are 'safer' than men when it comes to driving, it is also true that women take much longer than men to get there, as more women took their driving test than men, but more men passed than women. 


All said and done, driving has now become a very stressful affair. You're not alone if you feel stressed while driving, but there are ways to handle it. Driving requires your full concentration, and even though it's quite easy to lose your patience on the road, it is very important to remain calm. While there are several factors that can induce stress in a driver, the top reason has got to be driving during peak hours. 


The stress from your personal life or work can also add to the stress you feel while driving, and while stress can make you feel a lot of things, like sick and tired, it also makes you lose concentration while driving and it results in accidents. It's hard,  but not impossible to reduce stress while driving. All you have to do is make a few tweaks here and there in your daily routine and you're all set. 


Try leaving earlier than you usually do. You'll have fewer cars on the road. Keep yourself updated with traffic regulations in your route. If driving scares you, try and drive more, as that's the only way to get rid of your fear. Sometimes, stress can also be due to hunger, so keep a box of snacks in your car, so you can munch on something. Never drive when you're emotional or angry. Take a break, calm down and then drive. It's also been said the music you choose has a big role to play when it comes to your driving, so make sure to choose soothing music while driving. With all these tips, you'll be driving around with a smile on your face instead of the usual frown! Happy motoring. 


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