Study Proves Women ARE Better Drivers, So Men, Save Your Arguments Against Female Drivers

Study Proves Women ARE Better Drivers, So Men, Save Your Arguments Against Female Drivers

This is just one of the many things that men and women always fight about, but this could be the end of all the useless debates, at least when it comes to driving!

If there's something that people have been debating on for years, and have found no solution to it, then it's about who's the better driver. Men or women? Countless arguments have been made based on this and yet, there seems to be no end to this debate, until NOW! But, thanks to a study, it's time to end the argument, because it claims women are actually better drivers than men. Let's all take a minute to let that sink in! The study examined insurance, crime and driving test statistics, according to Independent, and women were proven to be better at the parameters than men.


The research was first published by the car insurance and price comparison site Confused.com. Even with all this evidence, there are bound to be people who would want to argue about this, you've got something to show them to say they're absolutely WRONG! Basically, it was revealed that women take their time when it comes to learning how to drive, but once they do, they prove themselves to be better than men at it. 


This means that women commit fewer motoring offenses, are far less likely to be involved in an accident and cost insurers less when they make claims. The study also noted men were four times likely to commit a motoring offense than women. When the most common motoring offenses are observed, men have committed the most crimes, it said. To translate this into numbers, more than 585,000 drivers in total were taken to court for breaking the rules on road in England and Wales alone, and a staggering 79 percent of them were men.


That's how many men commit crimes while driving. Women do, too, but they are any day better than men, and there are numbers to back it up! Unsurprisingly, women were also outnumbered by men five to one when it came to drunk driving offenses, and two to one for insurance-based offenses.  I mean, it goes without saying that men get a little bumptious ( I'd love to say no pun intended, but, well) when they've had a drink or two. 



Men probably think they're on the sets of Fast and Furious when they drive, because almost one in four men ( 23 percent)  were charged for overspeeding in comparison to one in 15 women ( a mere seven percent) for the same offense. Also, in the UK, women currently pay $120 less than men on average for insurance cover. The research claims insurers are justified in using gender to hand out lower motor premiums to women, even though it was banned under the rules by EU from six years ago. 


Are bad habits and men just synonymous? The research also suggests that men have more bad habits than women when it comes to driving. 23 percent of male motorists confessing to not indicating when switching lanes as compared to 17 percent of females. It must be added that even though women are 'safer' than men when it comes to driving, it is also true that women take much longer than men to get there, as more women took their driving test than men, but more men passed than women. 


As expected, men weren't really pleased with the study. John Bates commented: You're telling me that the ones who can't parallel park and who don't know where the wheels are on their vehicle in relation to being in the driver's seat and those ones who panic over everything are better drivers? It doesn't take a genius to be able to go around a track lol they taught a dog how to drive. Sour grapes? Believe it or not, I guess women are far better drivers than men!


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