Woman Who Almost Drowned Her Cat Says She Was "Taking It To Jesus"

Woman Who Almost Drowned Her Cat Says She Was "Taking It To Jesus"

37-year-old, Amanda Goodwin was caught in an attempt to drown her pet at the 2300 block of Silver Palm Drive, Edgewater. When questioned, she said that she was "taking it to Jesus"

A Florida woman was arrested after trying to drown her cat in an attempt to "send it to Jesus." This bizarre case of animal cruelty comes just days after the U.S. Senate unanimously voted to make animal abuse a federal crime. According to The Dayton Beach News-Journal, 37-year-old, Amanda Goodwin was caught holding her pet, Hubble, underwater at the 2300 block of Silver Palm Drive, Edgewater. "The cat was covered in mud, mewing, shaking and appeared to be terrified," stated the report. The authorities were informed right away.


According to the press release, Goodwin was in a culvert "holding a cat in obvious distress" when the officers arrived. Furthermore, the report states that both the woman and cat were covered in mud and water when the Edgewater police found them. The authorities arrested a trembling Goodwin immediately, and the cat took shelter under the police car. According to reports, Hubble, who thankfully wasn't gravely injured, was later picked up by the Animal Control and taken to  Edgewater Animal Shelter where it is expected to make a full and swift recovery. 


A witness on the case, Jason O’Keefe, explained that he was driving by the area when he saw Goodwin with the cat in the culvert. He doubled back to check if what he had seen was indeed correct or not and sadly, it was. O’Keefe reportedly informed the police officers that the 37-year-old was "placing dirt on the cat’s head" and was visibly trying to cause the cat distress. "She was shoving the cats head in the culvert pipe and putting dirt on the cat," said the witness recalling the devastating incident, according to Fox 35. "I’ve never seen a cat pant like a dog. Its gums were white." 


Naturally, O’Keefe had to intervene after witnessing the cat's plight. On questioning why the woman was torturing the cat, Goodwin seemed to provide rather non-sensical answers. "I asked if she was okay and she told me she was taking the cat to Jesus," recalled O’Keefe while giving his statement to the arresting officers. When the authorities asked Goodwin about her alleged actions, she said that Hubble was thirsty and she was merely trying to give it some water to drink. When asked why she didn't simply take it back to her own place, which was just a few miles away, she replied saying her grandmother had locked her out of the house as she didn't want her there, reports NewsDaytonBeach.com.

She later changed her statement and said that Hubble was running hot and that's why she brought him to the drainage water as the faucet outside her house was not working. Due to Goodwin's pain-inflicting actions she was arrested and charged with Animal Cruelty – Intentionally Causing Harm. Currently, she's been placed at the Volusia County Jail. 


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