Woman Throws Newborn Baby Down Garbage Chute After Texting Her Ex That She Didn't Want The Child

Woman Throws Newborn Baby Down Garbage Chute After Texting Her Ex That She Didn't Want The Child

The poor baby's body was found inside a trash can because the woman, a former gymnast, "didn't want another mouth to feed."

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Trigger Warning: This story contains details of abuse and murder that may be disturbing to readers. 

Mothers are supposed to care for and nurture their child's well-being, but one woman didn't give it a second's thought before she cruelly flung her newborn baby down a garbage chute because—as she texted the father of the child—she "didn’t want her." According to The Sun, Ana Carolina Moraes da Silva, 29, reportedly committed the horrific crime in Santos, Brazil. She also sent messages to her ex-partner complaining that she did not want "another mouth to feed." She has a three-year-old daughter as well. Now, the former gymnast and Guilherme Bronhara Martinez Garcia, are set to go on trial for murder. The poor baby is said to have been killed mere hours after she was born. 



Her body was found inside a trash can, wrapped in newspaper inside a black garbage bag that had been sealed with a hairband, in front of the building where the then-couple lived for a while after the crime took place. The toddler was dropped from the sixth floor, and officials claim that it was trauma to the head is that killed her. It has also been alleged that Garcia lied to cops about his ex-partner's whereabouts. When he was questioned, he told them that Silva and her three-year-old daughter were in another municipality.



WhatsApp messages between Silva and Garcia show how she told him she didn't want to keep the child as she did not want to take care of it or feed it. Later messages sent from Garcia to Silva read "You killed my daughter," and that message was followed by "Get rid of it." Silva said earlier believed that she had suffered a miscarriage and she decided to get rid of the baby's body without scaring her other daughter. Now, Silva has been accused of homicide and concealment of the corpse after she was also alleged to be motivated by discontent towards the baby. She could face 30 years in jail if found guilty.



However, Silva’s lawyer, Leticia Giribelo Gomes do Nascimento, claims that her client committed the crime because of her unstable mental health. Apparently, it took about 98 days for the woman to get a psych check-up despite having depressive episodes prior to her pregnancy. The lawyer also pointed out that she has no previous criminal records, and mentioned how she had to take care of her daughter who is currently with her grandparents. Despite Silva claiming she miscarried, prosecutors believe that this crime was planned in advance. Her trial date will now be decided soon. 



People were sick to their stomach after reading about this and shared their opinions on Facebook. Linda Dan Ugorji wrote: Reading this makes me sick to my stomach, some people are desperately looking to have a child and this monster killed hers...how I wish they can stop people like this from having any more children in the future.  Sarah Louise shared: Oh how typical a mother kills her child then plays the insanity card to get away with it. No she knew what she was doing even after it she didn't seek medical help but instead text her ex. Kathleen Ullah added: I'm sick of reading about babies suffering this cruelty and children being abused and sexually exploited. What a vile Evil world this is.

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