Woman Taunts Lion After Foolishly Climbing Into Its Enclosure At The Bronx Zoo

Woman Taunts Lion After Foolishly Climbing Into Its Enclosure At The Bronx Zoo

A woman has been called out for her display of stupidity as she tried to grab the attention of a lion by waving and dancing in front of it.

News about a woman's sheer stupidity and her lack of survival instincts has made its way onto the internet. According to a report by NBC New York, a woman visiting the Bronx zoo managed to climb over the barrier and enter the enclosure containing an African lion, over the weekend. The visitor was seen taunting the lion and desperately trying to get its attention. "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former," said Albert Einstein, and I cannot help but agree with it. 


Instagram user Hernán Reynoso managed to capture this dumb display of so-called "bravery." In the due course of the footage, the female visitor is seen raising her arm and sort of wiggling her body in a manner as if she's dancing. Although the lion just kept staring at her, the woman was desperately trying to catch its attention. Yes, you heard me right. She wanted an African lion to take notice of her. It's surprising to see how people simply forget to bring their common sense along while visiting the zoo. 


Explaining the whole incident, Reynoso, who shared the video on Instagram, told the news outlet how was visiting the zoo with his wife and son. The Instagrammer was busy recording when his wife alerted him of this woman's stunt saying, "Look at that!" Initially, Reynoso thought it was a part of the exhibit (like any normal person would), however, it turned out to be a misplaced attempt at valor. "But when I see ... she just was there, dancing, saying, 'Hi,' to the lion and everything and that was crazy," said Reynoso.


In addition to that, Reynoso recalled how the lion started becoming a little agitated at a certain point. It roared at the female trespasser and that's when the Instagrammer decided to clear the area along with his son and wife to keep them safe. Now that's the kind of reasoning we require people to have while visiting the zoo! NBC New York contacted the Bronx Zoo for a statement, who then confirmed that a woman had indeed climbed over the barrier on Saturday, 28 September. Thankfully no one was hurt. 


"This action was a serious violation and unlawful trespass that could have resulted in serious injury or death. Barriers and rules are in place to keep both visitors, staff, and animals safe," said the zoo in a statement. "We have a zero-tolerance policy on trespass and violation of barriers." Now, the zoo also has a moat-like barrier present between the woman and the lion which might have prevented the whole situation from getting any worse as the woman did not cross that. According to TODAY, the zoo said in a statement that they have filed a complaint against the woman for criminal trespass. 



Of course, people were raging with anger after watching the video. One Instagram user @chan9042 wrote: The lion may have been put down if he attacked. She risked not only her life. @d.alan.morgan wrote: This is what happens when people have no insurance that covers mental health. Hopefully, she gets forcefully admitted to an inpatient mental facility. Clearly, she demonstrated that she is a danger to herself and therefore meets the legal criteria accordingly. This is not funny and if you market as such, you should be ashamed of yourself. Children see these videos and many lack the cognitive acuity or basic maturity to see this for what it is....pure trash that is highly dangerous.


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