Hilarious Store Worker Casually Dances As Woman Senselessly Protests Store's Mask Policy

Hilarious Store Worker Casually Dances As Woman Senselessly Protests Store's Mask Policy

In a viral video, a disgruntled customer was witnessed refusing to follow a supermarket's mandatory mask-wearing policy.

Image Source: Twitter/Khary Penebaker

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic completely changed the way we used to socialize with the world. From maintaining social distance to wearing masks and using hand sanitizers every time we go out, everyone is trying to adapt to this new quarantined life which just doesn't seem to end. However, some entitled Karens seem to be casually ignoring the seriousness behind employing such strict instructions. In a viral video, a disgruntled customer was witnessed refusing to follow a supermarket's mandatory mask-wearing policy. But the person who actually stole the whole show was an unfazed employee who continued dancing and disinfecting the grocery cart while the woman kept boiling in anger. 


The woman who identified herself as Shelley Lewis, a resident of Dana Point, arrived at the Gelson's Market branch in Orange County and refused to comply with the mask-wearing policy of the store citing an undisclosed medical condition. When an assistant shopper refused to let her in, she asked for the manager who explained the same and even offered to buy the grocery items on her behalf. But Lewis refused that offer and blatantly accused the manager of discriminating against her for not letting her in the shop without a mask, reports Daily Mail.


Lewis had filmed the encounter thinking she was the victim there as the Gelson's shop assistant told her she could not enter without a protective mask. Despite him saying that the supermarket would 'happily provide one' of her, she demanded to see the manager. "I have a medical condition that I'm not allowed to wear a mask," she told the manager, who identified himself, adding she was not required to tell him what the condition is. "Can we shop for you?" Ben is heard asking in the clip. 


"I have private things that I want to get that maybe I don't want you to see," she says accusing the manager of discriminating and demanded to see the store's regulations when the policy of wearing a mask was clearly mentioned outside the store. Ben maintains his calm and advises her to speak to the supermarket's corporate head office. At this point, she threatens him with a lawsuit. "Well, you guys are going to get a lawsuit because you can't discriminate," she said to which Ben replied, "I'm trying to help you but I'm not going to argue with you."


"How's that helping me?" she continues as the store manager walks away to fetch her a company card. "This is Shelley Lewis, I'm at Dana Point Gelson's, so if anybody wants to shop here you have to have a mask and here is the policies which state that they will shop for me and take my money, my private credit card, and utilize that, I'm just going to let them go do that? No, I'm not, I'm not going to let them do that," she continues. Lewis, who was listed as a speaker at the 2019 Flat Earth International Conference, then brings her attention to the shop assistant who happily wipes down the strollers while dancing to music. 


The man, who is actually a bartender, says he is happy to have a job even during these trying times and credits Gelson's for hiring him. Of course, she taunts him for being quite "chippy." The video ends after the manager hands her the card. Although Netizens were infuriated by Lewis's attempt at victimization, everyone praised the Gelson's employee wearing the shades for handling the situation with such a cool attitude. Even though Lewis tried to provoke him, the assistant shopper managed to maintain an impressive level of respect and positivity towards her. 


Khary Penebaker shared the video and it was viewed over 5.1 million times. Twitter users branded Lewis a "covid idiot" for showing pure arrogance and overlooking the safety of others. According to her Flat Earth International bio, she claims to have lupus. This autoimmune disease dramatically increases her risk of suffering severe complications if she contracts COVID-19. Despite knowing this she was ready to risk her like just to victimize herself. Furthermore, people also pointed at how she overreacted at the idea of handing over her "private credit card" to the manager by comparing the payment scenario to drive-thrus or restaurants. 


But more than being furious at Lewis, people were smitten by the way the assistant shopper continued dancing and being his happy-self. Even at that moment, he was grateful for the job he continued entertaining himself while protecting the public of others who refuse to take protective measures. 


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