Woman Smears Period Blood Across Forehead For Empowerment: "When You're Bleeding You're Most Connected To The Spirit"

Woman Smears Period Blood Across Forehead For Empowerment: "When You're Bleeding You're Most Connected To The Spirit"

She shared pictures of her face covered in period blood. She says that she anointed her 'third eye' in the name of female empowerment.

Rituals can be a little hard to understand sometimes. In most cases, people just go ahead and follow them because even though they are hard to comprehend and the meaning behind them is sometimes questionable (as to how it is all related) but they aren't weird. What most people today find weird are the rituals the pagans followed. Shamanism is another form of spirituality whose practices many fail to understand. Their methods of going about things and connecting to others is...different. Chloe Isidora, an expert in Shamanism, Crystalline Consciousness, and Herbalism, is on a mission to connect women to their menstrual cycles. She applied her period blood across her face in order to open up her third eye. According to her, this will help in completely empowering women. Isidora has shared pictures of the anointing on social media in order to spread the ritual and help other women attain this level of empowerment. However, not everyone was supportive of what she did.

Her selfies with period blood smeared onto her forehead and across her cheeks, in her own words, represent an act of 'marking yourself as sacred'. The fight for the empowerment of women has gone from speaking up about the inequalities and demanding for a voice all the way to this. People on social media often call the act disgusting. Isidora admits that she often receives direct messages on Instagram where people call all sorts of things. Most of them tell her that she is crazy. It is her own practice and no matter how far away it's from the ordinary it is, people can still respect it if there is a good explanation behind her actions.



In one of her recent posts, Isidora offered to give the people the explanation behind why she smears period blood across her face. She posted a picture with the blood first put only on her forehead followed by a picture where he cheeks and chin are also covered in blood. In the caption, she wrote, "Someone sent me a message today in response to me having blood on my forehead, which said 'She’s actually fucking lost it.' I’m sure the message was not meant to be sent directly to me, but it totally got me thinking.. Before I begin talking about blood small side note, I think that I’m so normal, to think that others might think otherwise gives me so much pleasure and actually makes me smile a lot."



She continued, "But back to blood if you not familiar with communing with your blood I’m sure it would appear to be a weird thing to do. So here’s why I do it. 🌹  When you are bleeding you are most connected to the Spirit, this means that you can receive many insights with deep clarity, your inner guidance, and inner wisdom are at its strongest. It is a powerful time. When you anoint your 3rd eye with your blood it brings you into an even deep presence with yourself. You are honoring your blood marking yourself as sacred. By honoring your bleed time and blood you are rewriting the stories around periods being disgusting, dirty and labeled as the 'curse'. By honoring your blood you are claiming your full empowerment as a woman, which is your birthright. 🌹"


She concluded saying, "For me this bleed was wildly expansive, I had many insights, visions, knowings and it all happened from the sofa with my eyes closed, with blood on my forehead. I feel totally enriched and refueled by taking the proper time to rest and tune inwards to receive myself. I also offered my blood to the earth in ceremony, with my dear sister @reginarhythm and I’m so grateful to have other women in my life who believe and know on a cellular level how important womb/blood work is for women. And now here’s multiple pics of the many of the times I have blessed myself with my own blood.  If you practice this too, why is important for you and what are your experiences?! Would love to hear.



Isidora concluded that her actions make her feel fully empowered as a woman. She claimed that she had never felt more empowered than she does now after the ritual. Isidora plans to follow the ritual regardless of what people say about it or her. She even said that it was her "birthright" to perform this ritual and feel fully empowered. Isidora told Dazed Digital she will continue in her desire to connect women to their menstrual cycles. "Connecting and being in tune with our menstrual cycle is everything. It’s total madness that one of the most integral parts of our womanhood has been hidden in the shadows for so long," she said. "If you think about it when you first got your period, how did you feel? Was it celebrated or hidden?"


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