Woman Rescues Wild Sable From Becoming A Coat, Then Adopts Her As She's Not Fit To Live In The Wild

Woman Rescues Wild Sable From Becoming A Coat, Then Adopts Her As She's Not Fit To Live In The Wild

Apparently, there are around 70 farms in Russia that grow sables and then kill them for the fur.

A woman named Zhenya came across pictures of a wild sable online and she felt like the animal was the cutest thing she's ever seen. So, she decided to learn a bit more about it and that's when she realized that sables are in great demand for their fur. Their fur is one of the most expensive in the industry because of its silky texture and range of colors from beige to black. In Russia alone, produce items such as bedspreads and even underwear. Apparently, there are around 70 farms in Russia that grow Sables and then kill them for the fur. That's when Zhenya released that the sable she saw has the same fate: to be killed and made into a commodity for someone else to use. 


Determined to do her part, Zhenya set out to rescue the poor critter. “Eventually, I learned that there was an opportunity to buy her out from a fur farm,” the woman told Bored Panda. “She would have died there, so I decided to save the little fella.” The duo live together and have lots of fun. However, Zhenya worked really hard for it. “Umora has a difficult personality. Living in the fur farm really took a toll on her, so she’s quite emotional, sometimes even a bit hysterical. Umora is also cheeky and likes to steal stuff. She’s very active and smart as well.”


Even though she's taken Umora in, Zhenya advises against keeping a sable as a pet. “One has to go through a lot before they can start living with it comfortably,” she said. “It requires a lot of time and patience. It might even take a couple of years for you to begin to fully enjoy your life with it.” The Independent quotes: "Sable coats are some of the most expensive furs you can buy – especially, we are told when they come from elusive wild sables in Siberia’s Barguzin region, which can run into the six figures. The most expensive sable we found was a Russian sable short coat from Neiman Marcus, which will set you back $88,000."


People shared their gratitude to Zhenya for saving the sable while some shared their own experience, too. Karen Taylor wrote: Years ago I visited a mink farm and asked about buying a live mink to have as a pet.....I figured I loved the feel of the fur and why not have a live one....but they told me a mink does not make a nice pet....they are bitey and nasty. So that was the end of that. This sweet creature is so cute.....I loved all the pictures and videos....how lucky he is to have someone who cares. The chinchilla is another creature who is lovely to touch....and they are sold often in pet stores. I could never wear anything with real fur on it.


Claire L Poulson added: My grandmother's sable coat and wrap fascinated me as a child. The wrap had the whole animal, which concerned me. Glad we have given up such macabre luxuries. Darlene Urias posted: I just can't believe people still want to wear fur sure wasn't me I'm poor and even if I was rich I wouldn't want to wear it thank you for saving him. Eleonore Madigan added: There certainly is no reason any more to have to wear fur. Anyone that does is inconsiderate, selfish and nothing but a show-off.





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