Aspiring Disabled Model Nervously Posts 'Sexy' Pictures And Receives Overwhelmingly Positive Response

Aspiring Disabled Model Nervously Posts 'Sexy' Pictures And Receives Overwhelmingly Positive Response

Nila Morton was surprised with the outpour of positive responses to her photo in which she posed in a sexy black dress.

Image Source: Twitter/Niyoncé? @Niyonce143

If you're seeking praise and support, the internet is typically the last place to go. No matter what the topic is, faceless trollers are always ready to tear people apart. This was precisely the concern Nila Morton, 21, had when she channeled her inner goddess and put on a sexy black outfit, wanting to share the images with the world. Eventually, the resident of Greenville, South Carolina, decided to keep these worries aside and post these images on social media—she was pleasantly surprised by the response. 


Morton was born with Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy, a rare condition that causes severe weakness in the muscle, reports Bored Panda, and is a wheelchair user. Fearing that she might end up on the receiving end of criticism, Morton usually thinks twice before posting pictures of herself wearing new clothes or while going out. However, earlier this month, she simply decided not to hold herself back and post it on Twitter anyway. This leap of faith turned out to be an amazing experience for the Morton, who later realized that her post had gone viral. 



People everywhere began praising the young lady for stepping out of her comfort zone and doing something she really wanted to. This was contrary to the body-shaming, confidence-shattering comments, Morton had been anticipating from the Twitterverse. Sharing how she felt on learning that her post had gone viral, Morton said, "The day that my post went viral, I was studying, honestly. Sundays are my study days, so I usually don’t be on social media. When I took a break, I saw how my post went viral and how most people loved my photos." 







Of course, there have been many who've tried to bring her down, but Morton revealed that it didn't really affect the way she felt about herself- happy. "I’m human so I do have my days when I wish I could change something. [But] usually, I love how I look. I love my disability and my wheelchair. I call it my throne. That’s how I have confidence," she added. "Most people love my image which is shocking because I know society feels like people with disabilities don’t have a life. [But this is] false."







Speaking about the remarkably positive response she received for her pictures, she said, "[The Internet’s reaction] made me feel good. I don’t need validation because I know who I am and I love who I am. However, it does feel good to show people that people with disabilities can live life. They can be beautiful. Shoot, they can be sexy! We are still human. Knowing people can see that now in 2020 makes me feel better about posting it." The confident woman hopes to realize her dream of becoming a model one day and show the world how beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. "I want to become a role model to help people chase their dreams and not be ashamed of being who they are," Morton said. 










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