"I Was Terrified": Woman Realized She Was Pregnant Only 30 Minutes Before Giving Birth, Mistook It For Kidney Stones

"I Was Terrified": Woman Realized She Was Pregnant Only 30 Minutes Before Giving Birth, Mistook It For Kidney Stones

Ally Opfer thought she had kidney stones only to discover that she was going to go into labor. She delivered a healthy baby 30 minutes later.

Being pregnant although has a beautiful ending, it sure is a lot of hard work, especially during the last couple of months. Well, not for Ally Opfer. The woman from Cleveland who works as a cheerleading coach was busy doing handsprings five days before she gave birth. Best thing is that she had no idea she was pregnant until half an hour before going into labor. She mistook the pain she was under as kidney stones. In fact, two days before going into labor Ally spent hours coaching. She had no clue that the menstrual cramps she was witnessing on those days were actually labor pains. However, the pain apparently became unbearable the following night. Ally thought it was best to go to the hospital and have herself checked. This is when she received the shocking news that she was pregnant! All of this, just half an hour before she went into labor! Luckily, all her hours at work did not have an impact on the baby's health.

Ally Opfer didn't really think she could be pregnant in the months leading up to her delivery. She has always had very irregular periods. She occasionally used to take pregnancy tests when it had been a few months since the previous cycle. In fact, she claims to have taken a few tests even during the time she actually was pregnant but the test always showed negative. In an interview with PEOPLE, the 24-year-old said, “I had absolutely no symptoms either and felt totally normal, so that’s why I believed I wasn’t pregnant.”


She further continued, “Everything was normal for me. I never had morning sickness, no unusual tiredness, nothing. I never grew a baby bump or showed or anything. I gained a little bit of weight, mostly in my face, but I didn’t gain a bigger belly. I actually felt normal and great until I went into labor!” As soon as the tests came out Opfer was rushed to the into an emergency C-section, partly because the baby was in breech position and partly because she had severe preeclampsia that made her blood pressure shoot up!


"The doctors and nurses told me after that I was minutes away from death and that I was on the verge of having a stroke,” she says. Luckily, none of the hard work she did in the past months affected the baby. She gave birth to a perfectly healthy boy, who she named, Oliver. Well, almost. He did have a bit of jaundice at birth but it was fixed almost immediately by the doctors. And he was 42 weeks along, so Opfer had carried him past full term. "I knew I always wanted to become a mom, but not that soon,” she says.


She further continued, “So once the shock wore off, I was excited and my family was very excited too. So even though I wasn’t wanting to become a mom for a while still, I was very happy. I’ve always loved babies and kids!” Opfer was asked to remain in the hospital until her blood pressure returned to normal. However, once she was allowed to leave she settled into her new mom life with the help of her friends and her family. “Everyone was so supportive and helpful when I needed help!” she says. 


“I had family members who offered to help and my mom taught me everything there is to know about babies. I obviously had nothing for Oliver as far as clothes and baby gear, so while I was in the hospital and for the first few months, my family and friends went out and bought me everything I needed, or gave me things they no longer needed.” The entire experience taught Ally Opfer that every woman's body is different and reacts differently to pregnancy. “We all experience pregnancy differently,” she says.


She further continued, “Some carry differently and show more than others and some have different symptoms than others. I always thought “there’s no way you wouldn’t know you’re pregnant!” when I’ve read these kind of stories or seen them on TV. It’s hard to understand until it actually happens to you, but something everyone should understand is that every pregnancy is different.” Oliver is now “a happy, healthy two year old who is constantly learning new things!”

“He’s starting to talk a lot more and just learned his ABC’s, can count to 12 and knows his colors,” Opfer says. “He’s super smart and I couldn’t imagine my life without him! I really didn’t know how much I needed him until I had him. I could not be happier that I have him in my life!”


Ally Opfer recently shared a picture of Oliver when he turned two, on her Instagram. She captioned the post: Two years ago today, I was misdiagnosed with kidney stones in the ER, but when I went back for an ultrasound on my “kidney stone”, that’s when my life changed forever. Happy 2nd birthday to the best surprise Christmas present I could ever receive! 💙 


I’m not sure how it’s been two years since you surprised us, but it’s been the best two years ever with you by my side! In your second year of life, you’ve taken off running, learned how to swim and float all on your own, learned how to save yourself if you fall into a body of water, started talking and learned a lot of new words, and have mastered sign language for the important words that you cannot quite say yet. You’ve shown us so much love and happiness and have taught me so much yourself. You’ve traveled all over the country to Chicago, Wisconsin, and your first flight to Florida. You saw the Atlantic Ocean for the first time and went to your first aquarium. You’ve done so much in your first two years of life and have already accomplished so much more than I ever knew a one year old could do! You’ve grown an entire foot since your first birthday and weigh a whopping 36 pounds...placing in the 100th percentile for height & weight! I don’t know how I got so lucky to be the mom of the sweetest, cutest, most loving little boy in the whole world, but I’m so thankful! Happy 2nd birthday lil O! I love you! Bring on year 3!

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