Woman Lets Herself Bleed To Prove Just How Painful Her Workplace's New Dress Code Is

Woman Lets Herself Bleed To Prove Just How Painful Her Workplace's New Dress Code Is

Reddit user Inconvenientsilence, taught her employers at a casino a good lesson after they forced the female staff to wear tight dresses and painful high heels at work.

Dresscode in the workplace is mainly created to keep the desired decorum. While it might not be a fan favorite, I'm sure most managements do think about their employees' comfort why compiling these regulations. Unfortunately, the same wasn't the case for Reddit user Inconvenientsilence who was forced to wear tight clothes and painful high heels during her shift, in order to, profit the organization (and the patriarchy). Despite the incredibly restrictive and excruciating dress code, the Redditor did not quit and followed the instructions just to teach her employers a good lesson. 

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Providing a little background, she wrote: Okay I have worked in a lot of different industries but this happened while i worked in a casino chain in the UK. At 19, I was a bar tender and shifts would usually be 12 hours at a time. The female workers at this casino were required to walk in circle, instead of standing in one place all throughout their shift, however, it seemed breezy due to their comfortable dress code which was "smart black (so smart trousers and black shirts) which men and woman had to wear because it was comfortable." 

Furthermore, she explains why her colleagues were okay with this by writing: To get more tips, even though I was classified at a bar tender, the company forced the women to work on the casino floor making us walk in circles around the gambling tables and made the men stay behind the bar. The woman were not allowed to stand still so even on a quiet day we still had to walk in circles, this was made easier with our uniforms being comfortable. Although it was frustrating to walk around for hours on end the pay was good so we complied.

Everything changed after the company held a meeting informing their employees of the changes made in their uniforms. Unsurprisingly the guys uniforms didn’t change at all but the women were told to wear tight grey dresses you could barely move in and high heels by the next shift, it was clearly to look more appealing and get more tips, continues reading the post. As expected all the female workers were "pissed off" including the Reddit user who claimed the new dress code "will not only have restricted movement but will also be in pain by the end of the night if we have to walk around for hours in high heels on the hard floor." 

However, the management turned a deaf ear to their pleas but Inconvenientsilence was not about to go down without a fight. Their group quickly "gathered in the changing rooms" to talk about how "there is no way" they were going to wear this new uniform and instead protest for the same by not wearing it. That's when the Redditor had an idea. The next shift I walked in the building in the new uniform, my god it was uncomfortable, the dress made it difficult to turn my body round and bending over was near impossible, it was so tight that when i did kneel down I was scared it would rip. Management were really happy to see that I complied even saying to my coworkers how they should learn from me, she wrote.

 Her heels were started to get sore from all the walking, however, she managed to "pushed on through the pain till the end of the shift." Finally, management arrived to get her feedback on how she liked this new uniform. I smiled and said it was great with one small problem. I removed my shoes for the first time in 12 hours and stood in front of my managers mildly shaking. Their faces went from all smiles to shock when they looked at my feet to see my blood running on the floor from the open wounds on my heels, the injuries covered the entirety of my heels with dried blood on the back of my shoes. They started telling me I should not have done that and should of worn flat shoes but I reminded them saying “but it’s part of the new dress code, I had to wear high heels like you told me". As the injuries were exposed I started to feel the pain intensify and had to hold back tears but my shaking got worse. They made me sit down and got the first aid kit for my feet as I started to unzip the back of my dress saying how hard it is to breathe, continued the post. 

Although the dresses were still compulsory, it was made to a looser fit and high heels were no more compulsory during the shift. So, that's a win! Several people asked the Redditor as to why she didn't file any legal action against the company. Explaining this she wrote:  Just for the people asking about lawsuits or if I took any action against them, unfortunately I did not. When I was 19, I wasn't aware I could do that or how I could do anything about it but this and other work-related issues I had over the years actually encouraged me to go to university and study law focusing on the employment and contract side of things. I'm starting my first year in 2 weeks.

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