Woman Shot By Gunman In California Synagogue Died Trying To Protect The Rabbi!

Woman Shot By Gunman In California Synagogue Died Trying To Protect The Rabbi!

Her husband, who is a doctor, rushed to save her, but he fainted when he realized who the patient was. Kaye is survived by a 22-year-old daughter. 

Lori Kaye went to the Saturday services at Chabad of Poway to say a prayer for her mother who passed away in November. She had no idea of the tragedy that was about to strike, and she's being hailed a hero for her actions, according to CNN.  A gunman opened fire in the synagogue and 60-year-old Kaye immediately jumped in front of the Rabbi to save him, thus being hit by the bullet instead. She died at a nearby hospital. Her husband, who is a doctor, rushed to save her, but he fainted when he realized who the patient was. Kaye is survived by a 22-year-old daughter. 


Roneet Lev, a member of the congregation and Kaye's friend of 25 years was not with Kaye when she was shot, but rushed to the hospital when she heard of the news. "She didn't die a senseless death," Lev said. "She died advertising the problem we have with anti-Semitism and to bring good to this world. ... If God put an angel on this planet, it would have been Lori." May her soul rest in peace. 


Lori, you were a jewel of our community a true Eshet Chayil, a Woman of Valor, Audrey Jacobs, a friend of Kaye’s, wrote on Facebook. You were always running to do a mitzvah (good deed) and gave tzedaka (charity) to everyone. Your final good deed was taking the bullets for Rabbi Mendel Goldstein to save his life. Today at the Chabad of Poway, San Diego on Shabbat and the last day of the Passover holiday, a 19-year-old stormed in and said ‘F*ck the Jews’ and opened fire with an AR-type assault weapon. The hateful murderer had posted a manifesto online with anti-Semitic screeds and talked about planning the attack! He shot and killed Lori Kaye z”l who took the bullets for the Rabbi. Tragically the Rabbi was still shot in both hands and yet he still gave a sermon telling everyone to stay strong.


The horror continues, the other victims suffering injuries include an 8-year-old girl, Noya Dahan. Noya’s uncle Almog Peretz, age 32, who came from Sderot, Israel to visit his family for the Passover holiday was also shot in the leg. He was a true hero - when he heard the first shots, he gathered the children and lead them to safety. During the shooting, a brave off-duty border patrol agent, who was working as private security for the synagogue, fired at the shooter and chased him. Other members of the synagogue, who carried licensed concealed weapons, also went after him. Miraculously the killers’ gun jammed and he ran off. The heroes and G-d hand prevented the killer from claiming more lives. Fortunately, the murderer was caught and is in custody. Thank you to our law enforcement for your support!


Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein had already been shot in the hand when Kaye jumped in front of him to save him from the bullet. The rabbi was one of the three people injured in the shooting. Goldstein described Kaye as a “pioneering, founding member” of the congregation and said he was “heartbroken” by her death. The other two injured in the shooting were Noya Dahan, 8 and her uncle Almog Peretz, 34. 


Peretz had recently moved to California, and he said it seemed like the shooting was happening from all directions. He was shot when he was trying to get the children present at the synagogue to safety.  “I was with my back to the shooter. I heard a shot or two and then turned around to face him and that’s when he fired at me. I ran quickly, picking up a small girl in my hands. He hit me once in the leg and I kept running. I didn’t feel it much since there we so many bullets flying by. I heard them and I saw them right next to me," he said. 


Little Noya's father Israel Dahan is still trying to wrap his head around what had happened. "We're shocked, it's a little bit scary. We're all over the place," Israel Dahan said early Sunday. They moved from Israel eight years ago to help them have a better life."(We were) under the impression that everything is good here. Today we noticed this is not even close to being regular life," Dahan said.



It is highly likely that the Rabbi will lose his index finger as a result of the shooting. Congregation member Minoo Anvari, who said her husband witnessed the shooting, said the rabbi called for unity and prayed for peace even after getting shot. "Rabbi said, 'We are united,'" said Anvari, a refugee from Iran. The shooting happened during a celebration for Passover, which is one of the holiest Jewish celebrations. 


J Everette Goodrich wrote: Tribalism of any stripe in its extreme is dangerous .. if it's not white nationalists killing Jews than it's Jews killing Palestinians or Muslims killing other sects of Muslims or Hindus killing Muslims or Christians killing pretty much everyone... religion and tribalism is cancer on the Human race full stop!!! Chaya CN wrote: When will people stop murdering Jewish people in synagogues? Or in general, or people in their places of worship? This month is just too much


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