Houston Mom Cruelly Kicked A Pup On The Street, Caught On Camera

Houston Mom Cruelly Kicked A Pup On The Street, Caught On Camera

The woman told officers that she kicked the dog because it had apparently attacked her son before entering her vehicle.

Image Source: The Kris Kelly Foundation

Disclaimer: This story contains details and images of abuse that readers may find disturbing

A Houston woman was seen cruelly kicking a helpless dog in a viral video. Instead of recusing the poor animal, people in the background could be heard laughing as the dog whimpers and cries while being subjected to the abuse. The footage drew criticism from many including the co-founder of Houston PetSet Tena Lundquist Faust. "Animals are completely defenseless, which is why animal cruelty is so despicable," said Faust whose charity founded the Harris County Animal Cruelty Task Force, according to Fox26 Houston. Calling the woman's actions as unjustifiable, she continued, "Just the blatant act of cruelty. The fact that somebody could be so removed from their feelings that they have the ability to harm an animal in such a cruel way."


The clip prompted many furious viewers to threaten the woman who was reportedly identified by an animal welfare group, The Kris Kelly Foundation, that claims to expose prevalent animal abuse across the country. "You have to let the law enforcement officers do their job and let the process take place in order to get to the end of that," expressed Lundquist Faust. "The end of this is prosecution for people that are harming animals." According to Houston police, the woman in the video told investigators that she kicked the dog after it had attacked her 5-year-old son. 


On Friday, police identified the abuser as 20-year-old Jaymeshia Trenay Vigne and took her into custody, according to ABC13. Per the Houston Police Department, the incident depicted in the video took place in the 7000 block of Scott Street earlier this month on October 9. Vigne revealed that her son was knocked to the ground by a stray dog before it jumped into her car. This apparently prompted the mother to hit and kick the animal, per the police. They added that strangers began gathering around her vehicle and an unknown onlooker filmed the incident. 


While being questioned by the police, Vigne admitted to assaulting the dog as she was upset about her son being attacked by it. Vigne also noted that she was trying to get the canine out of her vehicle. According to ABC13, the woman was charged with cruelty to a non-livestock animal and was due to appear before a judge on Friday afternoon. As for the pooch, it was rescued by the Houston SPCA's animal cruelty team on Thursday. The rescue happened after the organization held a conference and posted fliers asking about the dog's whereabouts.


A good Samaritan came forward shortly after this and turned in the dog saying she had taken it in and was caring for the puppy. After an initial check-up, Houston SPCA chief veterinarian Dr. Dev revealed that the dog was less than a year old and is still considered a puppy. The dog is in the safe hands of the Houston SPCA right now, who are caring for him. Unfortunately, horrific crimes against these adorable and helpless animals have become far more prevalent these days. Just last year, an abandoned puppy was discovered by a driver in the Kansas area. Initially, she thought that the pup had been hit by a car but on getting a closer look, she was shocked to see that someone had forcefully shut the poor pup's eyes and mouth using superglue.




The Jack Russell terrier mix, later named "Glory," was immediately rushed to the Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital of Wichita. Vets found additional bruises on her abdomen, which were likely to have happened from being hit. After working tirelessly, doctors were able to remove the glue and fix the damage done to her. Glory could not eat, drink, or see due to the superglue and had even lost her voice. Wichita animal rescue organization Beauties and Beasts, Inc. took Glory under their wings and urged the public "to bring justice" to her by catching her abuser. 




This was an intentional act and someone who is capable of harming an innocent little dog is extremely dangerous, they will continue this pattern of abuse on helpless victims. She has no voice and cannot speak for herself. You are her only hope. See something, say something. Silence is deadly. We are looking to offer a reward (over $1,000 and counting) for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for this disgraceful act of cruelty. Will you help? they wrote. The 9-month-old puppy began showing signs of improvement and shortly after, was welcomed by a loving foster home. 

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