Woman Shockingly Films Alleged Rape Instead Of Saving Victim She Knew

Woman Shockingly Films Alleged Rape Instead Of Saving Victim She Knew

A woman in South Africa decided to film a horrible sex crime and upload it on social media, instead of informing the police and helping the victim.

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Trigger Warning: This story contains details of rape and child sex abuse that may be disturbing to some readers

A woman in South Africa has been condemned for allegedly recording a man raping a mentally ill victim instead of coming to the woman's rescue. The revolting footage of the horrible sex crime was then posted on social media by the witness. Police officers in South Africa were appalled by her choice of prioritization. The alleged rape happened in broad daylight on March 28 at an informal settlement in Kgale Section, Phokeng, right outside Rustenburg. It was reported that the witness was walking on one of the footpaths in the informal settlements when she found the man raping the victim. 


According to IOL News, she immediately took out her phone and began recording. In the due course of filming the inside, she even asked the alleged rapist, "Why are you doing this to her? Don’t do this." Brazenly enough, the perpetrator does not stop despite being filmed and continues to rape the woman. Once done, he leaves the two women alone and walks away. If that wasn't shocking enough, it was later revealed that the witness knew the alleged victim, and yet did not inform her family or the cops following the alleged attack.

The family only became aware of the situation when the victim's sister stumbled upon the sickening footage online. She then informed the police department who eventually arrested the suspected rapist and the woman who allegedly filmed the terrifying episode. The woman was charged with crimen injuria — wilful injury to someone‘s dignity — before being released on a warning reports news.com.au. Meanwhile, the suspected criminal was taken into custody, and on Monday, made his first appearance at the Bafokeng Magistrates' Court in Tlhabane for the rape case. 

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The inconsiderate action of the witness was rightfully condemned by Police Provincial Commissioner Lieutenant-General Sello, too. "Instead of reporting to the police, she circulated it on social media platforms," he said, according to The Sun. The department has now urged the public to refrain from circulating these videos anymore and to respect the rights of the victim.

We previously reported that an 8-year-old was subjected to horrific abuse repeatedly by her stepfather Brandon Helms. The heartbreaking part of it all was the fact that her mother Marcy Lynn Helms knew about it but allowed the abuse to continue for years until she ultimately fell pregnant. 



Brandon was convicted for rape, along with several charges of aggravated sexual assault on a minor, and sentenced to a minimum of 88  years on October 29, 2019. Meanwhile, Marcy was sentenced to 18 years in prison. While being interrogated, the mother said she wanted her daughter to become the man's "concubine." After being molested repeatedly, she became pregnant and gave birth to a child at 15. Unfortunately, her nightmare did not end there as Brandon continued to rape her. The family, including a few other children, were living at an abandoned house that had been deemed unfit for occupancy and was due to be demolished. Their condition was so pathetic that the girl was forced to deliver her baby atop a table and both did not receive any medical attention following it. 


It was after Wannetta Jones, a social worker had arrived at their home that the girl's dire situation was discovered. Jones had received an anonymous tip and as she arrived at East 27th Street, "Brandon Helms opened the door but refused to allow Jones into the house," revealed Assistant District Attorney Pansy Glanton. "He also denied that children were in the house. A standoff ensued, and Jones and her supervisor contacted Winston-Salem police officers to help Jones gain entry. Eventually, the owner of the house allowed police and Jones to enter the house, where they did not find any children but did see plenty of evidence that the house was unsuitable for children to live in...After several hours, Jones, Winston-Salem police, and Winston-Salem fire officials left the house," she added. 


"As Jones headed back to the office, the man who had called in the anonymous tip appeared at the end of a street. Jones and the man talked for a few minutes and exchanged contact information," continued Glanton. "Several minutes later, as Jones was driving back to the office, the man called Jones and told her that he saw the children leaving the house and described the car. Jones contacted the police. An officer stopped the car. Brandon Helms was driving, his wife was in the passenger seat and the then-15-year-old girl was in the back seat with her infant daughter." Initially, the victim refused to reveal the father of the child but during her medical examination she opened up about the years of abuse. 

The Forsyth County judge found Brandon Helms guilty of 20 charges in connection with the rape and sexual abuse of the girl, including the statutory rape of a child younger than 15, abuse of a child involving a sexual act, and taking indecent liberties with a child. 

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