Florida Woman Drowns Her Pet Dog In Bathtub Because It Was Barking Too Much

Florida Woman Drowns Her Pet Dog In Bathtub Because It Was Barking Too Much

She was charged with animal cruelty after drowning her pet Labrador dog because of its constant barking.

Image Credit: (Manatee County Sheriff's Office)

A woman from Florida has been charged with animal cruelty after she allegedly drowned her own dog because it kept constantly barking. 43-year-old Margaret Kinsella was taken into custody on December 17th over the incident that took place at her home on November 5th in Bradenton. Manatee County Sheriff's Office said that a maintenance worker was fixing an air condition unit at her home and had allegedly seen Kinsella taking her adult brown Labrador out of its kennel for a walk, reports Daily Mail

According to the maintenance worker, Kinsella went into the bathroom and shut the door. When she returned, he could hear a loud scream coming from the bathroom. The maintenance worker anxiously asked Kinsella if she required any help or if there was something wrong, to which she denied any problem, but the screams only grew louder moments later. 




WWSB reported that the maintenance worker subsequently opened the door to see for himself, and he found the dog floating dead in the bathtub. He gave his testimony to deputies according to an arrest report seen by the outlet. The worker reportedly ran in and took the dog out of the water. 




After she was taken into custody, officials interviewed Kinsella where she admitted that she'd drowned the dog on purpose. She claimed that she was frustrated with the dog's constant barking, and had also alleged that he had bitten her. The sheriff's office says Kinsella told them she had been struggling with a lot, including both the death of her father and husband in the past year and that her anger had built up towards the dog.



Kinsella was subsequently taken to Manatee Memorial Hospital where she was evaluated under the Baker Act. She was arrested on December 17th after a necropsy was carried out on the dog. Later, she was charged with aggravated animal cruelty, a third-degree felony. Florida's main animal cruelty law makes it a crime to abuse animals in various ways, including tormenting, unnecessarily mutilating, or killing an animal, not giving an animal proper food, drink, or shelter, or transporting an animal in a cruel and inhumane way.



Along with the other criminal penalties for animal cruelty, anyone found guilty may be prohibited from having pets for a period of time. Generally, animal cruelty is a misdemeanor, but it’s a third-degree felony if the action (or failure to act) was intentional and resulted in a cruel death or excessive, repeated, and unnecessary pain or suffering.

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