Woman Donates Kidney To Save Mentor, He Thanks Her By Gifting Her A Salon

Woman Donates Kidney To Save Mentor, He Thanks Her By Gifting Her A Salon

Chet Bennett gifted his employee Acia Williams with the salon she had been managing for the last eight years.

Image Source: Facebook/Dr-Acia Williams

How do you repay somehow who saves your life? Well, simply by making their dreams come true. This was the approach Chet Bennett took when one of his employees selflessly donated one of her organs to save his life. After being on dialysis for over a year, Bennett, who owns a beauty college and several salons, was in desperate need of a kidney. Although he had been on dialysis for 14 months, Bennett revealed that it had been pretty rough. When his friend and employee, Acia Williams, found out about it, she offered to donate her own kidney without any hesitation.


Following a series of tests, doctors confirmed that she was a perfect match. The operation that took place in April 2019  was successful and Williams, who has been friends with Bennett for 20 years, went back to his place to recuperate together. During an interview with WJLA, Willaims explains how Bennett's sister and mother took great care of her. Then one day, she was taken aback when he asked her to get ready to visit her own shop. Hoping to thank her for the selfless gesture, Bennet decided to give her the salon she had been managing for the last eight years.


Apparently, Williams had always dreamed of owning her own salon and this was Bennett's way of thanking her. When asked whether the salon was repayment of Williams' kindness, Bennett explained that he didn't know how to thank her for this favor but figured that making her dreams come true would be a start. "This is thank you. I can't begin to thank you enough for you giving me life, but we can start with you making your dream a reality by having your own salon," said the grateful man. 


"Everybody loves him, because he's just a genuine person. He's always been a giver, and he's always helpful. He's had hundreds and hundreds of students," said Williams of her mentor, according to CNN. She says that it was God who told her that she had to donate her kidney. "God was in my spirit, just like, 'You are his match, and you're going to donate your kidney to him," she added. To this Bennett said, "Even though the Lord told her, that doesn't mean she had to do it, okay." On Monday, the grand re-opening of the beauty shop, located at the intersection of Georgia and Florida, Washington D.C., was held. Now, Williams is busy running her own business 'A New Image By Acia'.


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