Pennsylvania Woman Caught Urinating On Potatoes At Walmart

Pennsylvania Woman Caught Urinating On Potatoes At Walmart

20-year-old Grace Brown turned herself in earlier this week after the surveillance footage of her peeing on potatoes went viral.

A bizarre incident happened at a Pennsylvania based Walmart store on July 24. The security cameras present in the store captured a woman walking inside casually and taking a leak onto a bin of potatoes that was present nearby. As soon as the video went viral, police were out looking for the accused woman.

The Police department also released a few pictures of the woman committing this indecent act from the footage hoping that someone would identify her. Thankfully, they did not have to wait for too long as she returned to the West Mifflin Police station on July 30 along with her attorney, as per Fox News.



The woman who identified herself as Grace Brown willingly accepted her crime and turned herself in on Tuesday afternoon. Brown was charged with indecent exposure, public drunkenness, and other related counts, as reported by Post-Gazette.

The chief of West Mifflin Police, Anthony Topolnak, expressed that the accused 20-year-old was "not thinking" when the embarrassing incident was captured by the surveillance cameras around 10 p.m. "Honestly I think she thought it was a toilet," said Chief Topolnak. 



Recollecting the entire incident, Topolnak said, "She pulls down her pants, squats, sits there, does her thing, pulls up her pants and leaves." He believes that Brown misjudged the potato-filled bin to be a toilet as they were kept at "floor-level."

According to the news outlet, the woman had no memory of the peeing incident that took place on June 24. Even Topolnak said in a statement that Brown might not have been aware of her actions that night. However, the 20-year-old was also charged with criminal mischief, open lewdness, and disorderly conduct which was recommended by the Allegheny County District Attorney's office. 



On Tuesday, her attorney, Casey White agreed that Ms. Brown made a "series of poor decisions" that particular night which led to the "regrettable situation" at Walmart. She also conveyed how embarrassed Brown was with her behavior that night.

Previously it was believed that this was another publicity stunt performed by a young girl to get fame, but that wasn't the case this time. "This was not a stunt," White said. "It was not an attempt to be a viral internet sensation. She has no malicious ill will toward Walmart. This was just a young lady who made some poor decisions. Clearly, she doesn't want to see herself portrayed in that light. She's a young lady with a full-time job. She's a high school graduate. She's working to make her life better," he continued.



He also added how Brown was "taking steps to address any issues she might have" while hoping to put this humiliating incident behind her. It all happened when the authorities were informed about this mischievous act and they arrived at the scene on June 25.

The police had met with the Walmart Loss Prevention Officer who explained the incident to them and informed how an employee made the store, aware of this act. One of the store employees claimed to have witnessed the woman in the act, according to a Walmart spokesperson. It was not made clear if this particular employee tried to stop the lady from doing so or not. As soon as the store became aware of such an incident they were quick to take care of the situation.



On investigating the area, the police found samples of urine on the floor, around the potato bin. Condemning her actions, Walmart mentioned the various steps they had taken to sanitize the area.


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