Woman Dodges $85 Airline Baggage Fee By Wearing All Her Clothes At Once Like A Boss

Woman Dodges $85 Airline Baggage Fee By Wearing All Her Clothes At Once Like A Boss

Spending a hefty fee on the extra baggage almost seems like a sin, especially when you're simply short on cash.

We've all been in a situation at the airport where you realized that you packed a bit more than you actually needed and crossed the limit prescribed by your airlines. Taking out that cash for your extra baggage can be quite irritating and problematic and you feel like kicking yourself on the head for not having packed within the limit. Especially at a time when you are short of money, spending on your extra baggage seems almost like a sin. A number of people even weigh their baggage at home to make sure that everything is just the right weight. Most people pay up and get on with the rest of their trip without ceasing to think that they could have packed better and been more wiser. There are, however, others like 30-year-old Natalie Wynn who just get creative when presented with a similar situation.


Instead of reaching into her purse for the extra baggage fee, she began pulling out clothes from her suitcase and put them on. Wynn said that she managed to wear as many as 7 dresses, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of shorts, a skirt and a cardigan, at the end of it all. It was no doubt uncomfortable but she managed to pull off her ingenious little stunt. The price of her extra baggage was €75 ($85) but she paid nothing as she had managed to get her weight reduced within the given limit. Wynn said that her suitcase was around 4kg (8.81 lbs) that is over the permitted weight.


No doubt her body was a little warm as she boarded a Thomas Cook Airlines flight departing from Manchester, England. But her discomfort was nothing compared to the feeling of having saved €75. “I was boiling, absolutely boiling. I felt like I was going to pass out because it was so warm,” she said. In any case, Wynn said she had brought very little money along with her because she had booked an all-inclusive vacation that included most of her incidentals.




First of all, she did not bring along enough money with her on the journey and secondly she had just about €69 in her own bank account. She said, “Because I had booked an all-inclusive holiday so was getting all my food and drink, I didn’t plan on bringing much money with me. I think I only had about €69 in my account just to bring with me on holiday.”  Desperation does bring out the best of innovations and so was the case with Wynn. She said, “I didn’t want to be using the little amount [of money] I had just so I could get my bag on the plane.

Wyn added, "I literally said, ‘I’m not paying it’, and started putting my clothes on.'” When she arrived at her seat, she did get a few laughs from her fellow passengers on board. We are sure many of them who paid for their extra baggage would have felt bad that they didn't think of the same idea. Her co-passengers offered to put some of the clothes she had worn in their own bags. In any case, the flight attended on board did allow her to re-pack some of the clothes back into her bag when she asked them. Wynn said, “As soon as I got on the plane, I took it all off and put it back in my case.”



Taking about her successful plan, she said, “Saving £75 definitely put me in a good mood for the holiday. Everyone’s reaction to it being done put me in a good mood as well. I was worried I would get a negative reaction to it — people saying it was my own fault but not one person said anything even at the airport. It set up a good start to the holiday anyway.” What's more, even the airline credited her for her creativity and used her case to announce an increase in the baggage limit. “Natalie’s ingenuity here is noted! The good news for Natalie and the rest of our customers is that later this month we are increasing our hand baggage allowance to 8kg. This will hopefully help her travel a little less like Joey from Friends next time,” as a spokesperson for the airline said.

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