Iowa Woman Deliberately Runs Over 14-Year-Old Girl Because 'She Was A Mexican'

Iowa Woman Deliberately Runs Over 14-Year-Old Girl Because 'She Was A Mexican'

The teenage girl did nothing to provoke the woman and after the incident, the 42-year-old woman has now been charged with attempted murder.

Source: Twitter/ Olive Police Department

A woman has been charged with attempted murder after she reportedly told the police that she ran her car over a 14-year-old girl on purpose because she thought the teenager was Mexican. Authorities said Nicole Marie Poole Franklin, 42, admitted to directing her SUV onto a sidewalk in Des Moines, Iowa on December 9 and running over Natalia Miranda. reports Daily Mail. The teenager was on her way to school to watch a basketball game, and she suffered a concussion and severe bruising in the attack. Franklin fled the scene after allegedly running over the teenager. 



According to authorities, Nicole also made several derogatory comments about Latinos during a police interview and that's when she admitted that this was intentional.  The girl was hospitalized for a few days, but her doctors say she is expected to make a full recovery, which is nothing short of a miracle. "I don't remember the impact. I just remember the car coming towards me," Natalia said, in an interview with KCCI



"I was in the hospital bed and I tried moving but I couldn't. Sitting up was the worst pain I've ever felt." Police authorities believe she may have been lying in the grass for about 15 minutes after she was struck. After she regained consciousness, she somehow managed to head over to the school to seek help. Before Franklin was arrested, Natalia begged for the victim to come forward and take responsibility for the attack. 



"I didn't do anything, I'm just a girl walking to a basketball game," she said. Clive Police Chief Mike Venema condemned Franklin's actions. "I want to say in the strongest terms possible that there is no place in our community... for this type of hatred or violence," he said.  People just could not understand why someone would do something like this. Gina N. Jordan wrote: "People are horrible .. I felt like I was reading the article over and over and over again. Just repeat the same thing for the whole article."



Sophia Martz added: "Iโ€™m half Mexican, but I have blue eyes and blonde hair. Would she run me over because Iโ€™m half Mexican even though I donโ€™t look it? What if she is fully American, and is just tan with brown hair? UGH, I hate her, and I donโ€™t even know her." Brave Brown added: "People forget that we are all visitors here on earth and sooner than later we are all packing. Don't be surprised when you board the rocket first leaving the person you wanted to kill behind."


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