Why Your Dog Follows You Into the Bathroom….Who Knew!

Why Your Dog Follows You Into the Bathroom….Who Knew!

A little help understanding your dog's behavior only deepens your relationship with man's best friend.

People always assume the worst when their dogs follow them into the bathroom. Let’s face it, dogs have been known to find interest in some fairly unique smells, so what better way to scratch that itch than some quality bathroom time with their owner. However, the answer as to why dogs will follow their owners into the bathroom is incredible.


Golden Retriever getting a bath.


Have you ever noticed that when your dog is outside using the bathroom, they very often will look at you directly while doing the deed? This is because at their root, dogs are pack animals. All of their behavior is designed to make them effective at operating in partnership with either other animals or their owners. This bond to humans makes it one the most unique interactions seen in nature. Since dogs will view their owners as part of the pack, they behave towards them how they would normally behave if they were a pack of wolves out in the wild.


Dog at home with owner.


Which brings us to the poop. Pooping puts the dogs in a highly vulnerable state as it does most animals in nature. Many animals have in fact developed ways to use the restroom on the go, so to speak. Think of things like horses or birds who can poop while running or flying. Since the dog is vulnerable during this time, they look towards the owner while doing their business. They believe the owner is watching for predators or other dangers just as they would in the wild. If the owner gets spooked by an impending danger, the dog will know to wrap it up and run without having to see the danger on its own.


Dog chilling at home.


So what does this have to do with your dog following you into the bathroom? Well simply put, it’s because dogs give you the same courtesy of protection that you give them while using the bathroom. As dogs have the intelligence to know what you are doing in the bathroom, they often want to be present to make sure they can use their keen senses to help protect the most important people in their lives.


Frenchie in bed.


No matter how you feel about the fact that there could be another living, breathing, and sometimes barking being in the room while you take care of your natural business, keep in mind that their motivations are pure, to protect the people they love.

To round out the day, Here are some additional fun dog facts to make sure your day is uncompromisingly beautiful:


Dog enjoying spring flowers.


1.       When dogs kick backwards after pooping, they aren’t trying to cover their poop. They have scent glands in their feet and are kicking to activate them and mark their territory.

2.       A human’s blood pressure has been shown to drop when petting dogs, and so does the dog’s.

3.       A dog has been nominated for an Academy Award, Rin Tin Tin the German Shepherd.

4.       A dog’s sense of smell is about 60 times more sensitive than a human’s on the low-end.

5.       Further proof that the human/dog bond is really special, yawning. Everyone knows the body’s response to seeing another person yawn, it’s contagious! But did you know that it is the same for dogs and humans. Dog yawns induce yawning in people and vice versa. In fact, if the dog has frequent contact with the person who does the yawning, the dog is 4 times more likely to yawn in response.

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