White Woman Hurls Racial Slurs Over The Phone While Holding Her Black Baby

White Woman Hurls Racial Slurs Over The Phone While Holding Her Black Baby

She used the N-word against the family, while she held her baby in her arms.

Image Source: TikTok/@imangum

A now-deleted TikTok video went viral after it captured a white mother who kept shouting out racial slurs while carrying her Black child. It was later shared on Twitter, but it's been deleted as well, but not before netizens managed to take screenshots and identify the woman. The tweet revealed that the woman was arguing with the child's father's family at the time of the video. “I will have people come over here and get you killed, so don’t try me,” she can be heard telling someone on the phone. According to God.dailydot, it seemed like she was recounting a conversation that she'd had with the child's father. 

Source: GoFundMe

Someone in the background, potentially the child's grandmother, tells the woman that this was a threat. “Bitch, you’ll get killed, too, so shut up,” the white woman responds. Then,  while talking to the person over the phone, she uses the N-word to refer to the baby's family, with her own Black child still in her arms. In a follow-up video that has also been removed, the woman reportedly hands the baby over to her father while she continues to use the N-word and hurl other racist slurs at them. The grandma, evidently tired of all this drama, tells the white woman, “You can call me all the [N-words] in the world, your daughter is half of it."

Source: TikTok

Before @melaninpurp's account was deactivated, she added that Child Protective Services have been involved in the matter. After the video went viral, the girl's father started a GoFundMe page to seek donations so he could gain full custody of his daughter. Family and friends of family and anyone willing to support, I know everything that’s been happening including the video and everything going on is very heartbreaking and it is out of human nature for anyone and won’t be taken lightly. You should not fear for your own child’s safety because of their own mother's hate. Especially towards your child’s own family. You should never have to witness your kid or kids being used as pawns or protection.


This is one of the hardest things to face in life. Anything that anyone is willing to donate to help gain custody for Elliana would be the most appreciative in this time of concern for her. I love my daughter. Logan Adaire Poe wrote on Facebook: Yes yes yes yes yesssss to the end where CPS gets involved & daddy reaches his goal on gofundme so he can try to get custody of that baby. No child should be raised up with a parent that’s clearly hates part of who that child is. Renee E Campbell added: I really wish the world would just leave our vernacular. It's hard to explain to a child what a bad word it is when they hear it in music and on tv. The difference between the 'er' vs the 'a' is minimal. I understand owning it or why it's different depending on who uses it, but children don't.


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