Wedding Videographer Refuses To Refund Man Whose Fiancée Died, Says 'Life Is A B*tch'

Wedding Videographer Refuses To Refund Man Whose Fiancée Died, Says 'Life Is A B*tch'

Justin Montney has been entangled in a dispute with a wedding video company, which cruelly criticized him after he left a bad review online. 

Image Source: Facebook/Justin Montney

Justin Montney's world came crashing down on him when his fiancée tragically died in a car crash. On the afternoon of February 4, Alexis-Athena Wyatt was driving her Honda Fit down Highway 24 in Colorado Springs when a semi-truck suddenly rammed into her vehicle. The 22-year-old unfortunately died on impact and Justin Montney was left in a world of hurt, but little did he know that this pain was only the beginning of what was to come. The heartbroken man has since been entangled in a dispute with a wedding video company, which cruelly criticized him after he left a bad review online. 


Montney and his late fiancée had hired Dallas-based Copper Stallion Media to film their union, paying a deposit of $1,800 to book their date. Following the sudden death of Wyatt months before the wedding, Montney contacted the company and requested them to refund the amount. But the media company informed him that they wouldn't be returning the money and that their decision was non-negotiable. Thus, Montney left a negative review on TheKnot.com, which has now been removed. 


Seeking justice, Montney contacted local news station KRDO and shared his bad experience with Copper Stallion Media. The devasted groom revealed that the company was insensitive enough to offer to utilize the money for his next wedding. It stung even more, especially because his fiancée had recently died. Following this, the company was bombarded with criticism online, and responding to this they redirected their Yelp page and website to JustinMontney.com and JustinMontneyWedding.com, according to Daily Mail. Here, they chose to mock the man who was already grieving, as a means to counter the bad publicity they had been receiving. 


The website reveals that Montney had reached out to them via email on February 17 and informed them about the canceled wedding due to the tragic death of Wyatt. "We replied and expressed our sympathy and explained to him that all of our wedding contracts are non-refundable," they shared. "He kept emailing us trying to get a refund and we kept reiterating that the contract is non-refundable. We eventually stopped responding since the issue was moot." Then, "on May 18, 2020, Justin Montney emailed stating that since he did not hear from us or receive a refund, he was notifying us 'that a presence will be taking place on social media.' This statement shows malice and intent to harm the reputation of Copper Stallion Media," they continued. 


Describing it as a "smear campaign", the website said, "we have received numerous emails, phone calls and comments online (sic). We are documenting everything to build our case against Justin Montney. We have acquired this domain name for the next two years. It is not right that people can go online and trash a company." Montney admitted that the contract was non-refundable but believed the company should have refunded the amount as he "didn't render any services" and the company said he cited the "circumstances" and heartlessly wrote, "Life is a b****, Justin." Furthermore, it read, "The contract was non-refundable. We will NEVER refund Justin Montney even with the online threats and harassment. If we knew he was going to shake us down, we would have charged a higher deposit."


According to the outlet, the company had also linked the demise of one of their photographers to Montney's complaints and the negativity it drew due to it. But a social media user exposed them, claiming that the photographer of the same name had died two years ago. "It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of our client experience manager, Allison Davis. Allison took her own life earlier this morning. She had been a valued member of our team for the past two years and will be missed," they wrote. "On May 20, 2020, our company was subject to an online smear campaign for not refunding a client who died in a car accident. The client signed a non-refundable contract. As a result, friends, family, and strangers have emailed, called, and left reviews of our company on social media. Online bullying is real."


Although the post was deleted, once again on May 23, Copper Stallion Media wrote, "Today would have been the day where we would have filmed Justin and Alexis' wedding. After what Justin pulled with the media stunt to try and shake us down for a refund we hope you sob and cry all day for what would have been your wedding day."

It seems like Montney is not the first person who has had issues with the company. Last year, a photographer working with the company said he had to leave as he was facing problems getting paid for the work he had done. It's unclear who runs the company; the photographer Alex Murphy said he found the company on Craiglist and didn't speak to anyone over a call. But he revealed that the paychecks for his job were paid from a company named Organized Weddings LLC. The company is based out of Las Vegas and is registered to Jesse J. Clark, who was sued in 2013 for charging 90 couples for wedding videography but not delivering the same. 

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