20 Amazing Wedding Makeup Transformations That Will Leave You Stumped

20 Amazing Wedding Makeup Transformations That Will Leave You Stumped

Arber Bytyqi is an amazing makeup artist and some of his bridal makeup transformations are beyond words.

When it comes to weddings, people usually look forward to seeing what the bride looks like (apart from the food of course!). From the jewelry to the dress, everyone waits patiently to witness these beautiful accessories that make the bride look like one. Also, the makeup needs to be on point for her special day and Prizen-based makeup artist Arber Bytyqi knows exactly how to do that. Bytyqi's Instagram account is filled to the brim with pictures that flaunt his skills when it comes to makeup. The startling transformations are definitely something that his 290k followers wait to see every day.

1. When in doubt go for the glam look!



2. Not mesmerized yet?



3.  It's all about confidence!



4. A smile can change everything.



5. Ready for a transformation?





6. The change is amazing!



7. Although she didn't require any makeup, it does enhance her features



8. How amazing is that?



9. This guy is pure magic!



10. That airbrushed perfection!



11. Doesn't this make on feel like Christmas?



12. Beauty lies on the eyes of the beholder.



13. Her special day made extra special by him.


14. That's a complete 180!





15. You could opt for the doll look as well!



16. When classy meets wedding.



17. This is so special!



18. We're blown away by this bold bride look!



19. We stumbled upon happiness.


20. The classic red and white can never go wrong!


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