Wedding Bouncy Castles Are Now The In Thing! Time To Jump Start Your Marriage, Eh?

Wedding Bouncy Castles Are Now The In Thing! Time To Jump Start Your Marriage, Eh?

You're never too old to have a bouncy castle at your wedding. Nowhere is it said that you can't have childish fun on the most important day of your life.

There's always something new trending and we try to keep up with them no matter what we do, even if it happens to be our wedding. There's a new wedding trend and it is aboslutely over the top! People are now into having bouncy castles at their wedding and, well let's be honest, it is the best thing that ever happened to weddings! We should probably make it a tradition, don't you think? The trend was started by a UK-based company called A Wedding Wonderland. The company has gone viral ever since people discovered the white, customizable bouncy castles they offer to you, specially made for your big day. Surely now you would want to have a week-long wedding celebration, who wouldn't. 

Most people associate bouncy castles with birthday parties from when they were younger or play areas they visited as children and those were surely the purest and fun memories ever. These days, adults are trying to bring back these bouncy castles and create new memories with them. Adding your most fond childhood memory to what is going to be the best memory you are going to make as an adult. No matter what anyone says before the wedding, everyone is surely going to love it as soon as they get to step into the bouncy castle.


The best thing about bouncy castle weddings is that they are now trending so there is more than just the UK-based company that is renting out these customizable bouncy castles. The one owned by A Wedding Wonderland can be customized by your decorator or planner to fit your theme, which is a great feature. However, there is another company called Mr. Bouncy Castle that offers only white bouncy castles instead of colorful ones that are used only for weddings. 


In an interview with HuffPost, the owner of the company, Tom Robinson, said, “The idea came from a wedding planner who asked if I had a white bouncy castle. At the time there were none available to buy so I had one made." He added, “I quickly discovered that it was very difficult to keep them clean and had to increase the hire price significantly. But the rise in price did not temper demand.” He believes that social media is one of the biggest reasons why this trend has taken off.


Robinson charges around $360 to rent a white bouncy wedding castle for a day. However, he mentioned that the price is subject to increase depending on whether the venue requires a staff member to supervise or if they were to add a generator rental to the package. Bride Tor Cox had always wanted a bouncy castle at her wedding, though she and her then-fiancé Duncan nixed the idea during the planning process, deeming it “a bit extravagant.” But thanks to a sweet surprise from her groom, Cox did end up having one at her April 2018 wedding in Cornwall, U.K. 


“It brought a new level of fun to the day,” she told HuffPost. “We only had four children there on the day, so this really was mainly for adult entertainment, which made it even better.” At the end of it, Cox did give a piece of advice, more like a warning of what could possibly happen if one were to keep jumping around in the bouncy castle. “One of our bridesmaids did fall victim to the excitement of the bouncing and ripped her dress, but thankfully the girls managed to keep this a secret until after.”


If you do end up getting a bouncy castle for your wedding, one this is for sure - EVERYONE will be talking about it, in a good way of course. So, if you are going to get married soon then best keep it in mind. If you are already married then maybe it is time to plan a wedding again with your partner, relive the most beautiful day in your life but only this time, make it a lot jumpier. 
Also, here's a tip. Keep the drunk people out of the bouncy castles because you really don't want barf jumping around in it too, just saying. 


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