Mother Of 11 Dies Of Breast Cancer: "We Don't Have Our Parents Anymore. We Just Have Each Other"

Mother Of 11 Dies Of Breast Cancer: "We Don't Have Our Parents Anymore. We Just Have Each Other"

The children have no father and it's just them to fend for each other now. This was very unexpected. They lost their father exactly 10 years ago.

Rashida Lawson, a 44-year-old woman died from stage-four breast cancer on Saturday. Eleven children, from the age of 4 to 23 are mourning the loss of their mother. The loss is hard to cope with and according to Fox 2 Detroit, the elder siblings are going to step up to take care of their younger ones. “Some people still have their parents and tell you it is going to be okay — it’s not. We don’t know it’s going to be okay. We don’t have our parents anymore. We just have each other," son Kenneth Stone told the news outlet. Added daughter Tamera Stone: “We can’t tell them, ‘Hey guys, it’s going to be okay — she’s coming home.’ And I have to be honest with them.”


It was on Saturday that they got a life-changing call from the hospital telling them things were bad. "It was the scariest phone call I ever got in my life," Tamera said. Rashida died that morning, her heart had stopped. Tamera also mentioned how their mother “was the glue that held us together. She didn’t want to break us down. She didn’t want us worrying about her.”

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The children needed to mourn their loss, but they also needed to bury her, and feed themselves."We're battling with the financial problems right now," Tamera said. "And considering that school is still in, we have to pick up the pieces where our mom left off at. Right now we're on our own." Tamara created a GoFundMe page because she and her siblings wanted to give their mother a sweet burial. 

Source: GoFundMe

Tamara began by saying that she hated to ask for help but she admitted she needed financial help for a proper burial for their mother who was a very genuine and loving person.  She took pride in raising her children the right way and doing the best she could for each and every one of them. My mom had gotten severely sick a week ago and been in the hospital ever since. Friday the doctors approached my siblings and me with the news that she had stage four breast cancer and that it had spread and that her organs were failing. The news crushed us. Saturday morning at about 3:00 am the doctors contacted my siblings informing them that my mom had passed away. 


The children have no father and it's just them to fend for each other now. This was very unexpected. We lost our father exactly 10 years ago. As you can imagine we are devastated. My mom leaves behind 11 children age ranging from 23  to 4. Whatever can help please donate, I want to properly put my mom to rest. It's not going to be easy for them from here on because they only have each other and the elder siblings now have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulder.


Even though she was the glue, there was a health problem her children did not know about. "Her chest was leaking," Tamera said. "She thought it was milk and stuff. We were like ma, you've got to go get this checked out, this is very serious." When she got herself diagnosed, she was informed it was stage-4 breast cancer. "She was okay and a week later, boom," Tamera said. No one saw this coming. Rashida also had three grandchildren, one on the way and a nephew she was caring for before she passed. 


The family managed to raise $149,517 from their $100,000 goal. Hopefully, Rashida Lawson had a really beautiful service. Tiffany Booker said: From a once single mom that cares, sending condolences and prayers for you all and your beautiful mother may she RIP! Devonne said: I'm so very sorry for your loss. I would love to be your mom's helper. I know I could never replace her, but I want to do whatever I can to make sure you all feel loved and have the help. Makeup, advice, how to tie a tie, relationship guidance, homework help, whatever it is I got you! Skype me any time. If there is no way to make that work, well I pray for all of you through your grief and beyond. I'm so sorry you weren't able to see your mother into old age, but she is watching over you all, I just know it.


Elisa Hopewell said: No children should have to bury such a wonderful, kind, hardworking mother. Especially to so many great, sweet kids. Tony added: I hope someone can guide them to the social security office. The younger children should receive benefits. LaShawn Burney said: Praying for you all. God Bless your hearts. Pray together and lift each other's spirits when in need. God loves you and will guide each of you through this rough time. Be blessed.


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