Police Physically Assault A Woman Who Spit In Their Direction

Police Physically Assault A Woman Who Spit In Their Direction

In the video, a woman from Portland was seen spitting in the direction of the police and moments later she was tackled to the ground by several officers.

In the past week, residents of Portland, Oregon have witnessed quite a number of protests. Their objections were equally matched by the forces of a self-described fraternity of “western chauvinists” called The Proud Boys, according to reports. This nationalist hate group composed of violent members' actions has been overlooked for far too long. As a result, they have now grown in numbers. Reports of them physically assaulting protestors on the city streets who do not agree with their message has been rising. Unfortunately, they continue raising hell and harassing people without any disciplinary action from higher law enforcement.


In a recent event, the Proud Boys met protesters with equal violence along theTom McCall Waterfront Park reported Oregan Live. Due to this, the number of police officials in the area has been high and a "civil disturbance" was declared as a fight broke out in the area. Amidst several such events, there was one video that caught the attention of everyone. A woman was subjected to an act of police brutality and unluckily for them, it was recorded and shared on multiple social media platforms. Soon the footage went viral and there was no stopping from thereon. 


In this video, a woman wearing a red dress is seen crossing the street. While walking towards the other side of the area which seemed to be packed with tension, the lady was seen spitting in the direction of the police. After which she simply kept walking towards her destination. A few moments later, she was singled out by the authorities and thrown on to the ground by several officers. The video was shared by Twitter user @feefifofummmm who captioned it: Person in dress crossing street who spat in the general direction of a cop van, then was singled out by one of the riot cops, only to be tackled to the ground moments later by 5 officers. #ThisIsAmerica #PortlandProtest #PortlandProtests #PoliceBrutality #PortlandPolice #PPB


Responding to this post, another user Hannah or @Radiocabgirl revealed that she was the woman in the video. She then went on to share the images of her bruised arms which was caused by the arresting officials. The caption of this picture read: This is nothing to what some people experienced, and I don’t want to take light, but is this necessary for spitting in a direction of cops? #PortlandProtest #portlandpd She also defended herself writing: TO BE CLEAR I SPIT IN THE GENERAL DIRECTION NOT EVEN ON AN OFFICER AND I WAS TACKLED BY 5 COPS. Is that really necessary??? I woke up with bruises all over my body.


Adding further she wrote:And yes I know this looks like nothing in this picture, and maybe to some it is nothing, but it was still entirely unjust and excessive for the situation at hand. This is light shit, people experience much worse all over the country every day. When others saw the clip and the woman's reaction, of course, they were divided in their opinion. Whenever there's an instance of police brutality people either call out the authorities for their shameful actions or simply defend them even if the actions mount up to taking someone's life. 


One user suggested it was the woman's fault as her attitude was completely unnecessary and so was her action. @MikeDavies wrote: To be fair, she was armed with spit and a nauseating sense of untouchable self-importance. Cop numbers ensure a clean arrest with little opportunity for this woman to cry foul, which she will do given the opportunity. He went to the extent of saying, She'll be tested for communicable diseases to allow the authorities to fully understand the intent of her attempted assault.


However, not everyone had the same approach. According to them the aggressive action of the police was totally unnecessary. @BluRidge4Bernie wrote: If it’s so stressful they can obtain other employment rather than beating someone with all their gear and weaponry upon a lady in a red dress. An Overreaction by fascist cops loving to pick on people who cannot fight back. Some believed that this might have taught the young lady, Hannah a lesson. They were sure she won't be repeating it, however, Hannah disagreed.


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