This Deceivingly Simple-Looking Math Problem Has Gone Viral! Here's Why

This Deceivingly Simple-Looking Math Problem Has Gone Viral! Here's Why

All you need is practice and the fundamental rules of PEDMAS/BODMAS will go a long way to help you solve problems.

For most of us, mathematics has never been a piece of cake. The struggle one faces while solving sums advances to a level and it becomes an actual fear called 'mathaphobia'. This condition involves the anxious-feeling one undergoes when presented with a mathematical problem. Apart from these strong resistant feelings, it is true that numbers are not really our enemy. Practice makes perfect and the same goes for this subject. It requires regular Practice to master to get a hold of it all.

However, before you begin with the actual number crunching, a sound knowledge of the fundamentals in maths is absolutely necessary. Once you get a proper hold on the basics and invest the right amount of focus you'll be able to solve sums in no time at all. Truth be told, the process of learning math is extremely easy but it comes with certain conditions. You have to keep revising and practicing every concept you learn with time. A little push and some dedication will go a long way to improve your skills. 

A video reflecting a mathematical problem surfaced on YouTube and went viral for a very simple reason. The video begins with what seems like a simple problem, 6 ÷ 2( 1+2 )= At one glance this problem looks too simple but is it? The answer you get may not be the correct one and it's because it involves the use of a rule in maths called 'The Order of Operations'. This comes to play in every possible math circumstance. So, before you begin solving a sum there's a particular order that you need to keep in mind.

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This order is known as PEDMAS/BODMAS and every letter stands for a particular function. When expanded the PEDMAS/BODMAS stands for Parenthesis/Brackets, Exponents/Orders, Division, Multiplication, Addition, and Subtraction. The acronym is formed using the first letter of every function in the precise order and it's easier to remember. Teachers provide an extended but catchy acronym so that it's easier of the kids to memorize it.  "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally" ticks all the boxes when it comes to being catchy!


Learning the order will surely serve for a very long time, simply because of its application on a wide range of topics. It's not just the basics that need the application of this rule but can go a long way to help one solve difficult algebra problems. So let's get on with solving the sum which went viral. As per the order, you are first required to solve the parenthesis or bracket. So any number or problem that's housed within a bracket needs to be solved before attempting anything outside of it.

According to the sum, we are asked to add 1 and 2 which is inside the bracket, while the other numbers outside remain unchanged. On solving this we get 1+2=3. Moving on, the exponent needs to be pushed out of the way so now the problem stands at 6 ÷ 2( 3 )=, which change to 6 ÷ 2 x 3 as the exponents usually deal with multiplication.  Let go over the order once again before we move forward. You must know by now that division takes place first and multiplication follows suit. Due to that, we need to address 6 ÷2 first and on solving it equals 3. Finally, multiplication comes into play and  3 x 3= 9. 


In the due course of the video, it is explained how there are actually two methods of solving it. If we use the one applied by older mathematicians then we would end up diving 6 by 6 and Instead if 3 as the final answer we would end up with 1. If you were one of those who struggled to solve this problem, it's quite alright. All you really need to do is known the basic fundamental rules and formulas and practice a lot to solve them accurately.  Of course, it's near impossible to develop these skills if anyone chooses to avoid them as much as they can. So all you need to do is stop avoiding it and facing every challenge with the confidence that you can solve it.


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