Woman Licks Ice Cream And Puts It Back On Store Shelf In Viral Video; Cops Trying To Find Her!

Woman Licks Ice Cream And Puts It Back On Store Shelf In Viral Video; Cops Trying To Find Her!

The woman was encouraged by a friend to lick the ice cream and then put it back in to the freezer. Since she did it with the intent to harm, she could be charged with the felony of 'Food Tamering'

A viral video has surfaced where a woman is seen opening a 64-ounce ice cream container at a grocery store, licking it and putting it back on the shelf. Any unsuspecting customer could just come and pick it up and take it home, without knowing where that ice cream has been. The video was posted on Twitter and throughout the video, another woman can be heard encouraging the woman, before telling her to "put it back." According to Today, Blue Bell is based out of Texas, and its products are mainly found in Southern grocery stores. Since the incident, they have posted a statement on the home page of its website that comes as a pop-up, saying it is taking this issue very seriously and that "this type of incident will not be tolerated." 


During production, our half gallons are flipped upside down and sent to a hardening room where the ice cream freezes to the lid, creating a natural seal. The lids are frozen tightly to the carton. Any attempt at opening the product should be noticeable, the statement also said. There are now several customers wondering if Blue Bell ice creams have a plastic coating over their tubs or if it comes as is because it was not clearly evident from the video. 


People took to social media minutes after the video made its rounds on the internet. Many criticized Blue Bell themselves for not sealing their ice-cream containers well. Several other ice cream brands took the opportunity to brand themselves and tell their potential customers that they have proper packaging systems in place. Even if what the woman did was a joke, there's no denying that the issue has gotten way out of hands, and the crime she committed would officially fall under 'Food Tampering'.  


One person commented: Food tampering isn't a felony in all states, however. ... In New York, altering or contaminating food with “intent to cause physical injury” or “instill in another a fear [of] physical injury” is a Class A misdemeanor as long as the risk posed is relatively minor. Another posted: Guessing she can be ID’d on social media... this not not funny in the least!! She needs to be charged... especially bc thus likely prompts others to behave ignorantly for “hits”.


Another one wanted legal actions taken against her and wrote: @ILoveBlueBell please note that your legal counsel should file charges against this person for affecting your company's profits & opened you to liable issues As she may have started a viral outbreak of the flu. Which were her intentions? LOCATION SAN ANTONIO TEXAS. It seems like they found the woman, but her accounts have been deactivated on social media.


She claims to have had the flu while she did the horrendous act and hoped to start a flu epidemic. Apparently, this is a part of something called the #tinroofchallenge and she wanted other people to do it, too! But this person got what's on everyone's mind and wrote: hey what would've been great is if someone did that exact thing to that carton of ice cream right before her. But, even with all this drama, there seem to be people following her. 


Honestly, there's nothing left to say. 

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