Terrifying Footage Shows Medics Retrieving 1.2 Metre Snake From Patient's Mouth

Terrifying Footage Shows Medics Retrieving 1.2 Metre Snake From Patient's Mouth

The snake had reportedly slithered inside the patient's mouth when she was asleep outside her home.

Image Source: Getty Images/Michele Jackson (Representative)

A stomach-churning video, in which medics are seen removing a snake from the mouth of a female patient, has taken the internet by storm. The snake measuring a terrifying 1.2 meters in length was retrieved after it reportedly slithered inside her mouth while she was sleeping. Elders at the village had advised the young woman not to sleep outside the house and warned about snakes slithering inside through the mouth. Despite the warning, she slept in the yard of her home in Levashi village, in Dagestan. When she became unwell, the young woman had to be rushed to the hospital and placed under general anesthetic. The moment following this procedure was captured and uploaded on social media.


According to 7 News, Russian medics could be seen in the footage removing the snake after inserting a tube down her throat. "Let’s see what this is," a male doctor is heard saying off-camera. Soon, a female medic can be seen grabbing the snake as it is being pulled out from the woman's mouth and is quickly taken aback when it's completely out. Some medical staff can be heard screaming while the visible female medic can is seen jumping back after realizing the snake's incredible length. Finally, the video ends with the reptile being dropped into a medical bucket. 


The identity of the woman or the type of snake inside her was not specified. It's unclear if how long the snake was inside the woman or if it was still alive after being removed. The Ministry of Health in Dagestan which is a mountainous republic bordering the Caspian Sea is yet to comment on the footage. However, locals claimed that such incidents are not unusual but they seldom happen. When the news reached social media platforms like Reddit, people expressed their shock at the occurrence and some could not fathom how someone could have slept through it. 


I’m going to call bullshit on this whole op. One does not simply sleep through something slithering down a throat for what surely took several seconds if not minutes. I wake up coughing and choking on my own nasal drainage, nfw that people sleep through large snakes creeping through their faces, wrote user AundaRag. AnacostiaSheriff responded to the comment saying, It's Russia. Passsed out drunk is roughly 33% of their day. 33% working, 33% drinking, 33% too much vodka. But another Redditor quickly backs up the patient and shares, But... there's literally video evidence right there. Also you'd be surprised what some people can sleep through lol, not everyone's the same. User Calure1212 was determined that they would never be sleeping anymore especially after watching the video. I really don't understand any of this & as an Australian, considering the other post of the snakes in the toilet, I am never going to sleep again, read the post.

Image Source: American Journal Of Tropical Medicine And Hygiene

This incident comes after doctors found "a black moving worm" lodged in a woman's throat. A 25-year-old woman from Tokyo visited St Luke’s International Hospital and complained of a nagging itch in her throat for about five days. Following a blood test, doctors were shocked to find a worm moving in her left tonsil. The case published in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene explained how the worm was "black, 38mm long, 1mm wide, and was moulting the outer cuticle." Apparently, the woman had eaten sushi for lunch the day her throat pain started. The surprising fact was that the worm was alive even after doctors extracted it from her throat using tweezers.


Her symptoms decreased after the procedure was completed.  "DNA and the fact that the worm was in exuviation revealed this worm was a fourth-stage larva of Pseudoterranova azarasi." Basically, this is a parasite most commonly found in raw fish or uncooked fish, including sushi and sashimi. The journal further stated that the woman had, in fact, consumed a meal of assorted sashimi five days prior to the procedure, around which time her throat pain started, too. Thus, the doctors didn't have to dwell too long on it as they knew what the problem was. "Although oropharyngeal infection is rare, it is known to cause 'tingling throat syndrome' and cough (a sudden, forceful hacking sound)," it read. 

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