Woman Drags Poor Dog Behind On Scooter Leaving It With Bloody Paws, Smiles When Confronted

Woman Drags Poor Dog Behind On Scooter Leaving It With Bloody Paws, Smiles When Confronted

One of the witnesses who confronted her revealed how she simply said "sh*t happens, just like with kids," when she was asked about this appalling act.

TRIGGER WARNING: Disturbing Images of Animal Abuse

A heartless woman was seen dragging a small helpless dog behind her electric scooter before she was allegedly stopped by others. The horrific incident took place in Bakersfield, where the brutal act was captured on the home CCTV of one resident in the area, James Dowell.

According to reports, the woman was seen going at the speed of 15 mph while hauling a distressed dog named Zebra, behind her bird rental scooter and only cared to stop when two other cyclists approached her. 



The other person who witnessed this horrific act was Brandon Sanders. He even clicked a few pictures of the woman shamelessly grinning as she was holding Zebra whose paws were completely drenched in his own blood. The red jumper that the woman was wearing was stained with the poor pooches blood.

Clearly she didn't seem to care. Sharing a picture of this woman, who Sanders sarcastically referred to as an "awesome human," he wrote: While riding bikes downtown on A and 20th street, we watched this awesome human being riding one of the Bird Scooter’s at about 15 MPH dragging this poor dog behind her by a leash. The dog was on its side and we watched it being drug at least 100 yards and there’s no telling how long she had been dragging it for before we saw her. You can see that its paws are all completely bloody.


Unable to tolerate such cruelty against animals, Sanders decided to follow the woman back to her apartment. Recalling the same he wrote: She had the nerve to tell us that “shit happens, just like with kids”! Absolutely disgusted and stunned by her reaction, he added: WTF?!?! Ummm yeah I don’t drag my kids down the street by a leash. If only she would have been a guy!!!!! 😡😡!!! She told me that she was going to call the cops on me for harassment and threatened me but she sure didn’t open the door and have something to say when the police went knocking on the door. I hope to see you again girly!!! Feel free to share this post. 


In a press release, The Bakersfield Police Department  (BPD) notified how a few officers from their department and from the animal control were dispatched to "2100 block of Pine Street for a report of animal cruelty." Despite attempting several times to contact any residents inside, the officers were unsuccessful. 

During their follow-up investigation, the officers found that the woman in the pictures was not the owner of Zebra and the ones he belonged to had already rushed him to the vet within two hours of the horrific scooter incident. Thankfully, Zebra would be making a full recovery very soon. 


According to Bakersfield Now, the accused woman hired an attorney to represent her with all further legal proceedings. Her attorney then released a statement saying, "We have been 100% cooperative with the Bakersfield Police Department and their investigation. My client loves animals, especially Zebra, the dog who was shown in the video. We are confident that once law enforcement has concluded their investigation that this will be ruled an isolated incident. The dog is doing great and expected to have a full and short recovery."

According to recent reports, she was later charged with cruelty to an animal, a felony, and failing to provide animal care, a misdemeanor.


Here's what Facebook users thought: 

@Francine Bélanger wrote: Yes, she needs to have a good lesson. A good fine and some prison. She does not deserve to have a dog. But you know: There is a special place in hell for those that harm children and animals. Poor doggy. Another user @Mandy Struthers wrote: What a Evil Vile piece of putrefied fungus she is! She was going way too fast for the poor wee one to even keep up, and he doesn't look like a puppy but a more seasoned dog of age! I'm so tired and my heart is heavy from ALL the abuse out there, It's gotten so bad and skyrocketed the last 10 yrs or so. People are becoming cold with less feelings for animals and very selfish. Many more reports about kids abusing animals now too! I've read so many horror stories lately it's depressing.


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