Bulldog Swallows 19 Baby Pacifiers, Stuns Veterinarians When They Remove It From His Stomach

Bulldog Swallows 19 Baby Pacifiers, Stuns Veterinarians When They Remove It From His Stomach

The Wellesley family was understandibly concerned when their bulldog stopped eating. They took him to the vet, only to discover that he had ingested 19 pacifiers over a period of time.

Only pet owners would understand the amount of work goes into caring for their furry four-legged friends. If you think it's a breezy undertaking, then let me burst your bubble.  Just like a human baby requires constant attention, love, and discipline, similarly, a dog will need your undivided attention. It's not a walk in the park, that's for sure! When dogs are left alone from prolonged periods of time, they are bound to get into some mischief or the other. Sometimes, this naughty behavior lands them in a world of trouble!


Such was the case of this family dog. He ate something that he shouldn't have. Luckily for him, his caring owners noticed the change in his eating habits and quickly rushed him to the veterinary hospital. According to a report by CBS 17,  the Wellesley family noticed their 3-year-old bulldog, Mortimer, would get nauseous before his meals every day. The symptoms first started in April, and his owner Emily Shanahan spotted it. 


A concerned Shanahan quickly took him to the vet who simply prescribed medicines to counter the effects. Unfortunately, the medicines did not work because no one knew the actual problem. After a couple of weeks, the dog stopped eating altogether. This alarmed Shanahan who took him to the Angell Animal Medical Center in the hope that they would finally be able to figure out what was wrong with him.



After a thorough checkup that included a few X-rays, the Boston-based veterinary hospital zeroed in on the cause, which was shocking, to say the least. They discovered that the dog had numerous pacifiers in his stomach. Thankfully a surgery was not required and a simple procedure did the trick. Mortimer had to undergo a procedure where the health professionals used a medical scope to remove the pacifiers. A total of 19 pacifiers were recovered which stunned the vets.  


A picture dated June 7, 2019, shows a sedated Mortimer lying on the table of the operation room after the procedure was conducted. The veterinarians believed that Mortimer had swallowed these pacifiers from Shanahan’s two kids over a period of time that eventually led to him not eating his meals. Now, the dog has made a full recovery and is back home with his family says Rob Halpin, the spokesman of MSPCA’s Angell Animal Medical Center.


A similar incident took place back in 2015 when a 6-month- old Jasper could not keep his food down. The Philadelphia-based dog was taken to the Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center in Levittown. The experts there were equally surprised to see the Cane Corso seem otherwise normal. After running a few tests, they discovered two squeaky plastic balls that the dog had swallowed taking up most of the space in his stomach.


They had to surgically remove the red-and-green balls from his stomach and the operation was performed by Dr. Scott Joudrey. He opined that "dogs eat crazy things." Michael Ehrlich, Jasper's owner believes that his dog swallowed the toys weeks ago. The previous year,  a bulldog named Elvis had swallowed three pacifiers and was treated by the Philadelphia practitioner. In 2016,  a Cocker Spaniel named Jake accidentally ripped through his toy and ate the squeaker.


His 42-year-old owner Joanne Rose said, "Jake was playing with his favorite soft toy when he ripped it apart and pulled the squeaker out. I did my best to get him to drop it but within seconds he swallowed it whole." whilst adding, "In a state of sheer panic I rang PDSA and they told me to bring him in straight away." The vet had to perform a surgery that lasted over an hour to successfully remove it. In light of these accidents, it is needless to say that one needs to be as careful as possible to keep their furry friends safe.


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