Ditch The Flowers And Pick Up A Bouquet Of Olive Garden Breadsticks This Valentine's Day

Ditch The Flowers And Pick Up A Bouquet Of Olive Garden Breadsticks This Valentine's Day

Take a small detour from the regular V-Day gifts and express your true love with a bouquet of breadsticks.

Source: Facebook/ Olive Garden

Valentine's Day is around the corner and people are panicking over what to get for their loved ones. Diamonds, flowers, and other such gifts are timeless, but they have been done time and again. Isn't that what you gifted your partner last year, too? How about a bouquet of Olive Garden breadsticks instead? Stay with me. The Italian-American chain is bringing back their Breadstick Bouquets just in time or Valentine’s Day and to spread more happiness, a limited supply will be available in all outlets this year from February 13th. The restaurant chain first experimented with this gift last year by selling it online and it was a successful venture, reports People. Hopefully, they'll have online sales this year, too. 


Meanwhile, there's been a small change in the packaging and the company has decided to make it punny! It'll have messages like “My love for you is never-ending,” and “For you (but will you share with me?)”. Customers can also buy a special after-dinner mint box with a surprise love poem for their significant other: “Roses are red, Violets are blue, Here’s a box of mints, I made just for you.”


Both the bouquet and the mint boxes are included in Olive Garden’s Valentine’s Day To-Go Dinner for Two. The dinner special features three courses starting at a $34.99 price point. Along with the breadsticks and mint boxes, each dinner will consist of soup or salad; five cheese marinara or alfredo sauce, sharable five-cheese ziti al forno or chicken alfredo for the entree; and a sharable black-tie mouse cake or tiramisu for dessert. If this isn't the recipe for love, then what is?



I mean, Olive Garden has always been associated with love and romance, hasn't it?  Olive Garden super fans Samantha Roberts and Jeff Gilleland had a September wedding last year, and the couple's event was completely catered with Olive Garden classics, and the biggest hit of the night: a surprise late-night breadstick bar complete with marinara and Alfredo dipping sauces, reported People. Apparently, the chain restaurant played a huge part in the couple’s love story.


Roberts and Gilleland spent most of their early date nights at Olive Garden. “When you love the chicken parm as much as we do, it becomes a pretty easy decision where to eat,” they told Insider. It was a place the two of them frequented as kids, and so they chose to go there. The couples’ Olive Garden love continued in 2017 when Roberts won Olive Garden’s Passport to Italy Trip. He worked closely with the Olive Garden team to plan his proposal to Gilleland in Italy. Thankfully, she said YES!


Now, for such a cheesy wedding, the gift has to go with the theme. So, during the reception, Olive Garden surprised each wedding guest with a special gift: a Never Ending Pasta Pass, which allows customers to eat as much as they want at any Olive Garden for nine weeks. According to the chain restaurant, this gift made Saugatuck, MI the city with the most Pasta Passes this year. 

Maybe this year, you can start with a breadsticks bouquet on Valentine's Day and end the year with a pasta-wedding? You know you're considering it. 


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