UC Berkeley Instructor Says Rural Americans Are Bad People Who Deserve "Uncomfortable" Lives

UC Berkeley Instructor Says Rural Americans Are Bad People Who Deserve "Uncomfortable" Lives

In a controversial Tweet, Jackson Kernion slammed rural Americans for not being pro-city and further claimed they had to live with their "bad life decisions."

In an attempt to shame rural Americans, a brazen UC Berkeley graduate and instructor claimed they were "bad people who have made bad life decisions." Jackson Kernion, who reportedly taught 11 philosophy courses at the California University, made the controversial tweet last Wednesday. His restricted mindset couldn't fathom that there exist people who don't prefer city life. Kernion made this audacious observation within a Twitter thread which was examining the costs of rural healthcare. Furthermore, he argued that "City Americans" were leading a more efficient lifestyle when compared to those in the rural areas, according to Fox News


Kernion believes that "City Americans" should not have to bear the cost of providing healthcare to rural America. "Rural Healthcare should be expensive! And that expense should be borne by those who choose rural America!" he wrote. In addition to this, he argued that rural Americans should be instructed to pay higher taxes to cover healthcare and broadband among others, as they rejected the "efficient" city life consciously. "Same goes for rural broadband. And gas taxes. It should be uncomfortable to live in rural America. It should be uncomfortable to not move," added the instructor. 


The severe backlash that followed, compelled Kernion to issue an apology on Twitter which didn't seem genuine. "Pretty sure I did a bad tweet here. Gonna delete it. I'll want to reflect on it more later, but my tone is way crasser and meaner than I like to think I am," he wrote. Appearing on "Fox News @ Night" Monday, Brad Blakeman, a professor of public policy and international affairs at Georgetown University regarded Kernion's regressive comment as "nuts" and said, "cities need to take care of their own," as "rural America is doing just great." Doug Shoen, a Fox News contributor added, "We started as a rural country. We remain at our heart linked to rural communities. Thank goodness for small towns, farms, and traditional values." The University of California-Berkeley has not commented on the issue. 


Many Twitterati bashed Kernion for his unsavory opinions. @MichaelaBram32 expressed: I hope you shame Mr. Kernion. He IS a bad person for attacking a group of people, ironically the ones who put food on his table and raise all the leather goods he loves to wear. You want good things for immigrants, but could care less how your instructors treat rural Americans. @Stiflersdad1 wrote: So Jackson Kernion believes rural Americans deserve terrible lives. How shallow can one person be or is it the liberal culture to put down people you feel are outside of your mental capacity. UC Berkeley should be ashamed they employ people not willing to give equal opportunity. Finally, @tayhoffgg wrote: I've invited Mr. Kernion to our rural district in Ohio. Here he can meet some of the terrible people who grow his food, work the railroads, and do other jobs to keep the greatest country ever running. Jobs that he is too weak to do but couldn't survive without. #jacksonkernion




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