'Britain's Best Bosses' Take Their Staff On Month-Long Luxury Trips Abroad

'Britain's Best Bosses' Take Their Staff On Month-Long Luxury Trips Abroad

The duo that runs Britain-based company Turn Partners was recently dubbed the best bosses. They make sure their employees feel like life is one big vacation even while their working.

The party and vacation life comes almost to an end once you start working. You don't have a long stretch of holidays or the freedom to skip work whenever you want to, you can't do as you please and be laid back about everything.  However, there is a British company named Turn Partners who know exactly how to treat their employees. Sure, your boss will take you out for a drink after work on Fridays and let you leave early before Christmas but that is nothing in comparison to what the duo at the Birmingham-based digital startup studio Turn Partners do. The employees have been treated to month-long luxury holidays in Thailand, India, and Mexico. Now, those are job benefits you cannot really turn down.

Bosses at the Birmingham-based company have let staff spend working days jet-skiing or enjoying spa treatments at exotic locations. What's more, they can be accompanied by their partners, friends, and siblings on the trips. The employees are even allowed to take as many paid-leaves as they want to. It just couldn't get any better than that, could it? The question some people on social media are asking is how does the company manage to run if everyone is on vacation or just chilling out all the time? And how does the company manage to afford all of this?



The co-founders of the company, 29-year-old Mike Bandar and 31-year-old James Vardy, were recently dubbed as the 'Best Bosses' in Britain. Knowing how they treat their employees and what the company has to offer, this doesn't really come to anyone as a surprise.  The staff is not required to come into work every single day and is allowed to work from wherever they want to, as long as they are working and meeting deadlines. This strategy works in everyone's best interest. 



In February this year, they flew all nine of their employees for a month-long five-star holiday to Goa and Mumbai in India. Why would they do such a thing? It's simple:  a happy team keeps happy bosses, which in turn brings out better performance from the employees. The duo wants their employees to live life to the fullest. As reported by Metro, Mike said, "From time-to-time, we like to treat our team to a month-long holiday so that we can all escape the cold British weather and not go too long without some sunshine."



He continued, "Turn Partners covers the costs and although we generally go away for the month, staff can come and go for as long as they please. Everyone at Team Turn has an unlimited holiday allowance, as well as a minimum holiday allowance to make sure they don't skip 'me time', have complete freedom of how and where they work and huge flexibility on the projects they work on." Back in February last year, Mike and James flew their whole team out to Bangkok, Chang Mai, Krabi and Phi Phi for a 28-day trip working in gorgeous Thailand.



It's not as if the employees don't work at all. They are given projects even while they are on these month-long vacations and are given more relaxed and flexible deadlines. The employees usually go on these vacations and enjoy for the first few days, after which they find themselves a peaceful space in these tourist spots and work on their projects. It's less hectic than knowing that you have to work while on holiday and less stressful as compared to sitting every single day and working at the office.



Two years earlier, the employees were taken on another month-long break to Playa del Carmen and Tulum in Mexico, where they took their laptops to the beach. This concept that the company follows works completely in their favor. Luke Lanchaster, a Senior Developer at Turn Partners revealed that "he couldn't have been more motivated at work after he got the opportunity to explore hidden waterfalls in between conference calls while in India last February." 



Lanchaster said, "I fixed a problem at work that was eluding me for months whilst sitting on a deckchair, listening to the rolling waves, and generally having a great time on holiday...There are so many jobs nowadays which involve employees sitting in a cubicle all day, clocking in and clocking out whilst having your output judged against KPIs. Working for Turn Partners is amazing in that they've realized keeping employees happy, motivated and excited pays off dividends."


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