Baby Boy Dies A Week After He Was "Torn Apart" By Guard Dogs On His Second Birthday

Baby Boy Dies A Week After He Was "Torn Apart" By Guard Dogs On His Second Birthday

The boy was attacked by the dogs who got out of their enclosure as it was not closed properly.

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Trigger Warning: This story contains distressing details that readers may find disturbing. 

Two-year-old Yegor, who was attacked by his guard dogs a week ago, on his birthday, has died due to his injuries, reports Daily Mail. Yegor died without regaining consciousness after a desperate 10-day fight for his life in a Ukrainian hospital. There was a ray of hope when the doctors noticed slight improvements in his condition, but the next day, he suffered from heart failure. His condition was critical from the moment he was rushed to the hospital, and he was placed on a ventilator and even underwent kidney dialysis during the 10 days he was at the hospital, fighting for his life. 


The devastating incident took place on September 18th, in the small town of Selydove, eastern Ukraine. The family was gathered together to celebrate Yegor's birthday and the toddler allegedly walked outside unnoticed while his parents were speaking to the guests who had come to celebrate Yegor's second birthday. He was roaming around the courtyard when two German Shepherds broke out of their enclosure and attacked the boy. When the parents noticed that Yegor was missing, they got out in search of him, only to find the dogs tearing him apart. 


"The boy was found lying unconscious in a pool of blood," said charity volunteer Aleksandra Timoshchenkova, who helped the family to collect money for Yegor's treatment. "The dogs were still tearing him apart." Yegor's father had reportedly failed to close the latch on the enclosure properly which is what caused the dogs to break out. As per local media, the ferocious dogs ripped off the boy's genitals, anus and tore the femoral artery on his left leg. His injuries were so severe that he had to be airlifted via a military helicopter to the city of Dnipro to receive medical care.


The boy was admitted to Dnipro Regional Children's Hospital where four crews of surgeons battled for his life. According to The Sun, the doctors took five hours to restore his damaged blood vessels, bladder, and intestines. They also removed tissues “that had been chewed by the dogs”. They had to do everything they could to save the boy's leg from amputation at the time. “The boy suffered extremely severe injuries known as dirty wounds," Natalia Dementyeva, the head of the hospital, said at the time. “He is receiving powerful antibacterial therapy but we are expecting the development of inflammatory processes that are usual complications in such cases.”


The local police had launched a criminal case for failure to fulfill parental duties resulting in severe consequences against Yegor’s parents. "The boy’s parents are being interrogated," revealed Police spokeswoman Aleksandra Gavrilko. “Forensic examinations are underway.” If found guilty, the parents may face up to three years in prison. People on social media expressed their grief over the boy's death. Redmore Julie shared: Bless your heart darling baby boy, may God look after you in his arms. To those that were supposed to protect you and keep you from harm, I hope they are riddled with guilt forever.


Maryam Vakil wrote: The fault is on the parents so sorry for the little baby. But the parents shouldn't live the kids at that age alone with any kind of animal. Sorry also for the parents which surely isn't easy. Wendy Andrews shared: Wow this is so sad, I feel for that child, don't know y parents like to have dogs living in a house with their children, sleeping on their bed n ignorance such , guess what that child went through, excruciating pain,n by the way where were the dam parents I am so mad. Carol Jean Gregg added: Poor boy but maybe it's a blessing he passed away with such terrible injuries as he would have faced years of surgery and pain


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