Heartbroken Owner Finds Her Two Therapy Pigs Brutally Battered To Death: "We Are Hurt, Angry, Sad, And Lost"

Heartbroken Owner Finds Her Two Therapy Pigs Brutally Battered To Death: "We Are Hurt, Angry, Sad, And Lost"

On June 6, two pot-bellied therapy pigs were found dead in Kentucky sending the owner reeling in shock and despair. Pygrawk and Honey used to visit hospitals and nursing homes.

Losing a beloved pet is never easy, but finding out that your pet has been brutally killed fills one with rage. Sunnie Howell was at the receiving end of this crime when two of her three therapy pigs were beaten to death reports CNN. The day began on a joyous note. Howell was celebrating her wedding anniversary on June 6, but as the day ended, things took a turn for the worse.  


According to a report by local Fox affiliate WDRB, she went out on an anniversary dinner with her husband leaving her three pot-bellied therapeutic pigs — Pygrawk, Honey and Gypsy behind. She kept them in a locked shed in her backyard to keep them out of harm's way. Unfortunately, when she returned home to give her pigs the leftover dinner, she discovered that the door was unlatched. On entering the shed, she found Pygrawk and Honey dead on the ground. 



She told WLKY, a CNN affiliate that one of there faces had been brutally bashed, while the other had a smashed eye socket and a bloody ear. "We realized her eye socket had been smashed, and she had blood coming out of her ear," she said. "It looked like he had been bludgeoned with something, maybe a sledgehammer or something." Speaking of her pigs' non-violent nature, she told CNN, "They've never fought. If they ever did, they would be removed from the program, so I know in my heart they did not fight."


People from the Kentucky community visited her pigs for emotional support. These animals also visited individuals in hospitals and nursing homes on a regular basis. "These pigs were here to love people and be loved, and that was their only job: to be loved," she said. While two of them were battered to death, the third, Gypsy, remained unharmed with only minor bruises. And now she remains down in the dumps without her two other potbellied friends reports PEOPLE.


"She stays depressed when she’s out there by herself," Howell revealed about Gypsy. "She hides underneath the house sometimes." Howell believes that the person responsible for her pigs' death might be a neighbor. She backs up her suspicions with an incident that happened in the past. Some of the neighbors had filed a complaint about her pigs to the city and she thinks that it could be one of them. Moreover, two of her pigs were stolen from her yard last year, but she got them back after six hours following a Facebook post in which she mentioned that she had an attorney. 



Soon after their death, Howell wrote a post on Facebook expressing how they didn't deserve what they got. We never expected to be put in the position that we are in now. We never expected to lose our babies like this. We never knew we could feel such an array of emotions all at once. I am going to be focusing on our family. Gypsy. And i intend to get back into my normal routine as soon as possible. That includes getting back to the families in my fullest capacity that I am capable of.


In another video, she said the toughest part would be breaking this news to the children who frequently visited these pigs. She also added that Gypsy would be kept away from the therapy program temporarily. We do not want the negativity to change how we are and who we are. Yes, we are hurt, angry, sad, lost, and a number of other emotions. We will still have to continue on with our day to day," she continued. We still want whoever is responsible for this to be caught and punished to the extent of the law. We do not want or condone vigilante justice.


Previously, Howell posted that she would reward anyone who came forward with the information about their babies' deaths. Please help me find out who killed our babies. They were kind, gentle, helped others in the community. As you can see they went to hospitals, they went about everywhere, she wrote. There is a reward for honest solid information that leads to the arrest AND conviction of the sadistic individual that murdered our therapy pigs.


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