Two Kindergartners Who Dressed Alike For Twin Day Insist They 'Look Exactly The Same'

Two Kindergartners Who Dressed Alike For Twin Day Insist They 'Look Exactly The Same'

Britney Tankersley was brought to tears when her son Myles insisted that his classmate has similar eyes and hair like him.

An adorable picture of two boys posing together in their matching outfits for "Twin Day" has left everyone in tears after one of the boys' mother shared the touching post on social media. On October 29, Britney Tankersley shared how her son, Myles, told her about his last-minute plan to coordinate outfits with his kindergarten classmate because they looked exactly the same. Late last night Myles went on & on about how he had to be twins with a boy in his class for Twin Day because they look exactly the same- same eyes, same hair. He was adamant that they were identical. So after the kids went to bed I headed to Walmart at 9 pm to get matching outfits, wrote Tankersley.


Speaking to TODAY, Tankersley explained how Myles kept insisting that his friend looked just like him. "He went on and on about how they looked exactly the same. 'We both have brown eyes, we both have dark hair,' and he was just adamant," recalled the mother. Of course, she was intrigued about this friend that Myles couldn't stop talking about. So, she asked his teacher if she could send a picture of the two, just to see how much they resemble each other. 



When the teacher shared the picture with Myles' mother, she was brought to tears. The only noticeable similarity the two had was their maroon-colored plaid shirts with "FUTURE LEADER" printed on its breast pockets. While Myles was standing on the left side of the picture and his friend Tanner was in the opposite. My heart melted. Obviously two very different children, but Myles didn’t see that. Wouldn’t the world be such a better place if we could all view it through the eyes of a couple 5yr olds♥️, she wrote. 


Despite the obvious differences in the two kids, Myles seemed not to care about it at all and this was exactly the emotion that resonated with thousands of people who showered the comment section with words of kindness. The viral post managed to garner over 500,000 likes and nearly 270,000 shares. "It's so crazy," expressed Tankersley about the tremendous response she had never expected. "My objective is never to be in the spotlight, but I think the message is more important than how much it exploded." 



The proud mother revealed that both Myles and Tanner are now "the best of buddies," who live just a few minutes from each other. Both their families also got the opportunity to spend some time together following the events of Twin Day. "All the teachers at school are so excited," added Tankersley. "There's always a lot of kids that dress up that don't look alike, but this was unique. I was kind of put in my place because I was expecting to see something totally different, and that's not what it was at all."


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