Two Old Women Found True Love On An Airplane And Our Hearts Are Melting At The Cuteness!

Two Old Women Found True Love On An Airplane And Our Hearts Are Melting At The Cuteness!

This real-life love story has to be one of the best that the world has seen in years. Hats off to the ticket agent who took out her time to let us in on this cute story.

If you're all about those cheesy rom-coms that you just can't get enough of then here's a real-life heart-melting story that is just right up your alley. How many of you believe in the power of true love? Well, this Twitter thread will make you fall head over heels for this concept. The incident took place at the airport when an airline employee decided to post a step-by-step advancement of what would be the greatest love story ever seen.


The Twitter user @vvuxian was working at her ticket counter like any other day when an old woman around the age of 70 approached her. She was looking for a specific passenger, whose flight was coming in from Spain an hour ago. Since it was against the rules to give out any information regarding another passenger to strangers, the airlines' worker had to turn the old lady away. 


She quickly took out the time to tweet about this sweet request and promised to follow-up on its advancements. After witnessing the old lady's resignation, the Twitter user made an effort and asked her to explain what exactly happened. The old lady then told her how she fell in love with a stranger who sat next to her on n 11-hour flight. Unfortunately, they got separated while taking a connecting flight from Spain. The only thing that comforted them was the promise of uniting at the airport once they reached. The plot builds and now we know how this woman was waiting for the love of her life who should've been there by now.


As much as the ticket agent was moved by this heart-warming story she could hardly do anything that wouldn't be against the company's policy. To help fulfill this innocuous request she lent her the phone which she could use to call her up. But the lady informed her how she's been calling her soulmate but was unable to reach her. Before letting the lady leave @vvuxian noted down her number and assured her that she'd let her know if anyone matching the description asked about her. 


Call it fate or love, after an hour or so later another lady who looked around the age of 70, approached the counter. Our Twitter user who couldn't get her mind off this was having her lunch in the back. This other lady asked about the previous one and said the exact same thing that the previous one had been saying the whole time. Pushing away her sandwich, the agent rushed to the desk. She wrote in her post: "I basically drop my sandwich and go out front to the counter. I ask her, ‘Have you by any chance just arrived from Spain? She said yes. I try not to lose it and hastily look through the papers at my computer."


The Twitter user immediately called up the previous woman who approached her and told her about this other lady who was looking for her. She then wrote: She sounds out of this world excited on the phone and I hand it over so they can talk to each other and the lady at the counter says, ‘Hurry, dear, I miss you.' The lady arrived after a few minutes and both of them rushed into each other's arms.


This sight was indeed a treat for the @vvuxian. Soon, both the ladies were at the counter thanking the agent. "They thanked me about a thousand times for helping them unite and I’m honestly just happy this got a happy ending. They leave eventually, holding hands," she wrote. That was surely not the last time she saw the couple who returned a couple of minutes later to thank her yet again. They presented her with a chocolate bunny which according to the Twitter user was the cutest gift she had received.


This thread soon went viral and made people cry tears of joy. Some couldn't help but react to this cute little story, @mini art hiatus wrote: "this is the cutest thing i’m gonna cry :((( it makes my heart so so warm." Yet another one by @Quiettcricket1 read: "A whole rose bush just sprouted in my heart, im so full of LIFE."


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