Twitter Explodes Over SEXIST Photo Of Children Wearing Nurse And Doctor Scrubs

Twitter Explodes Over SEXIST Photo Of Children Wearing Nurse And Doctor Scrubs

People were enraged after a user posted a sexist picture of a boy and a girl wearing doctor and nurse scrubs and calling it "cute".

Social media can sometimes be a hotbed for controversies, and everything gets blown out of proportion from time to time. People need to be very careful with what they post, and they need to keep in mind all the ways in which their post can be interpreted. This time, the controversy revolves around a picture of two toddlers and their outfits. The girl can be seen walking in pink scrubs, saying "Nurse in Training" on its back while the boyโ€™s rocking a similar green outfit that reads โ€œDoctor in Training.โ€ The post was shared by Twitter user @TheMedicalShots. The account is known for posting medical and health-related content. The controversial post was shared on March 10 and has around 3k comments and 4.7k retweets. 

Here's a look at the post. 


People were enraged by the post and the caption and chose to give the people behind the post a piece of their mind. The controversy is based on the fact that there are plenty of male nurses and female doctors, and we can be sexist when it comes to professions. It is wrong to say that certain professions are meant only for women or men. 


1. It's high time we did away with all the stereotypes and gender discrimination in every single aspect of life. Like, stop!


2. Children should be allowed to take up any profession they want. Boys can play with Barbie dolls and girls can play sports or with action figures as well.


3. You want to know what the picture really is? Sexist.


4. When you've made a boo boo on the internet, and it's too late to delete the post.


5. That's why photoshop was created - to fix all the stupid goof-ups people make.


6. Children should be given the freedom to decide. Society starts to drill sexist thoughts into their heads from the very start and this should be stopped.


7. True that.


8. You've just got to love the sarcasm! 


9. Enough said.


10. A lot of the people who lashed out at the picture were medical professionals who got offended as to how people still have old sexist ideas in their heads.



While most people took this picture very seriously, there were others who believed that everyone seemed  to be reading too much into a seemingly harmless picture. They were of the opinion that they were being a tad oversensitive, and making a mountain out of a molehill.  Here's what they had to say about the adorable picture that was posted on social media. 

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