9-Month-Old Twin Baby Boys Found Abandoned Near Railway Tracks

9-Month-Old Twin Baby Boys Found Abandoned Near Railway Tracks

Railroad Engineer, Eric Martell, was the one who first caught a glipmse of the two souls and reported the authorities.

July 3 turned out to be a rather tragic night shift for a railroad engineer in Worcester, Massachusett. Eric Martell was busy with his work, like any other day, but this time the silence of the nighttime was broken by the unexpected appearance of two precious souls. According to PEOPLE, Martell noticed a double stroller kept near the tracks situated in the Kansas Street area. But the thing that shocked him to the very core was the presence of two babies inside it. 


Speaking to NBC Boston, Martell explained how he chanced upon the two infants. "I saw the little baby wave at me," he said. "I saw his little arm, he started sucking his thumb, and I was like, 'Oh my God, thereโ€™s a baby in there.'" This concerned engineer immediately rushed towards the babies and ran a quick inspection of their health. He then realized that the two kids were actually twin boys who had been abandoned near a trash and recycling facility.


Describing their condition Martell told NBC Boston, "They seemed healthy. They actually had shoes on, they were a little bit chubby like a babyโ€™s supposed to be." Explaining further he mentioned how the carriages the twins were left in were actually nice. "They were left with bottles and one of them even had a little binky, they were in a nice carriage." Hoping that the parents of the kids were still around, Martell started calling out to the kids' parents. 


Unfortunately, no one showed up and that's when Martell decided to call this in. Dialing 911, he reported the matter to the authorities and kept rocking the kids until the officers' arrival. According to the outlet, the police officials responded around 12:15 a.m. After the initial procedural health inspection, the team discovered that the boys were 9 months old and in good health. Martell, who found the infants, shared the instance of an interaction between him and the kids.


"One of the little guys looked up to me, gave me the biggest little smile and I was like, 'Itโ€™s going to be alright, buddy. Itโ€™s going to be alright, I got you,'" he shared. After the babies were rescued, the Worcester police released a statement on their website indicating that the babies were unharmed. It further states that the infants have been identified and are now in the custody of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families. 


A spokesman for the Worchester police informed CNN how the infants were discovered in a stroller, however, "the intent is under investigation." It is still uncertain whether any charges will be filed against the parents of the boys or not. Carl Wooden who claimed to know the twins' parents told WCVB he was with the family an hour before the children were abandoned on Tuesday watching fireworks.


Reeling in shock Wooden expressed, "I'm in shock still. I'm, like, walking around in circles just totally in awe." Continuing further, he said, "I just left the police station for questioning and stuff like that. It's traumatizing, to me, that something like this could even happen." Georgeanna Broadard, the family's neighbors said, "I just think it's sad to have babies just left alone." She further added how the boys' parents should have approached one of their friends or neighbors for help, instead of taking such a drastic step.


"She could have asked anybody around here, (gone to) anybody's house, (and) I'm sure they would have helped her," said Broadard. Although the Worcester Police Detective Bureau did not have any further knowledge about the whole incident they did urge people with any information regarding this incident to come forward and contact them at 508-799-8651. 

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