Designer Creates Logos With Hidden Symbols And They're Absolutely Brilliant

Designer Creates Logos With Hidden Symbols And They're Absolutely Brilliant

Mustafa Ömerli is a digital painter and designer who has created some unique and innovative logos with hidden symbols that compliment them.

Subliminal messages in advertising are designed to engage people subconsciously. They use various colors, shapes, and words that enable customers to make small but powerful associations between a brand and an intended meaning. In short, they are always subtle, yet leave a strong impression on the mind. 


Turkish digital painter Mustafa Omerli is no stranger to this concept. But his own designs aren't a form of advertising per se, and rather of fine typography. It's always hard to develop a unique and expressive logo for a brand or a company, especially one that gets the point across well. Mustafa, who has spent 15 years in the creative industry and even has a master's degree in design, now makes some high-quality typography logos for random words. 



"With these typography logos, I'm trying to show examples of what I believe is good design," Mustafa from Istanbul, Turkey, told Bored Panda. "It's all about function, aesthetics, and clever ideas."



The words range from simple ones that are used on a near-daily basis like 'Parent' or 'Lamp' or 'Cup', to more advanced concepts like 'Sequence' and 'Contrary'. He has even drawn typographies for some famous personalities and expressions commonly seen in popular usage and culture. 



His motto is 'positive mind, negative space.' "In my works, you can feel the positivity and see the negative space.". Regardless of what word, phrase or idea that Mustafa attempts to portray, he finds it important to always define the essence of the particular text in hand, and turn it into something captivating. 






"When I'm creating something like this, my mind is working spontaneously but my design process is carefully planned," Mustafa said. "My approach to this typography logo project usually starts when I pick a word. I then try to truly understand its meaning. After that, I just come up with an idea to express this meaning."







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