'Toy Story 4' Called RACIST For Having No Black Leads: "It's A Story About Toys!"

'Toy Story 4' Called RACIST For Having No Black Leads: "It's A Story About Toys!"

GMB's guests debate over 'Toy Story 4' and claim that the franchise is racist because they have no diversity, nor do they have Black leads. This leaves the viewers quite confused with strong points against both sides.

Film critics have accused Toy Story 4 of 'not being diverse enough' according to Good Morning Britain, reports Daily Mail. This accusation is followed by film critic Stella Duffy, who accused Disney of being ableist, anti-feminist, and having no black actors or characters.  The topic began to trend when Stella Duffy criticized the movie during a review about how there were no black leads in the movie among the dinosaurs and potato heads and denounced claims that the new Bo Peep is a feminist. Duffy did not hesitate to spark debate when she said that the new Pixar film was not really all-inclusive. 


She called out the filmmakers for its lack of minority ethnic and disabled characters following the movie's release. GMB how hosts Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid invited writer and presenter Afua Adom and doctor and activist Shola Mos-Shogbamimu onto the show to discuss the issue.  Shola Mos-Shogbamimu seemed to agree with the criticism as she told the presenters that the film had completely missed out on the real issues minority ethnic and female actors face in Hollywood. 


She also said that Disney Pixar has a responsibility towards reflecting childrenโ€™s experiences from a diverse range of backgrounds. She went on to explain her stance that, "I think itโ€™s diabolically ignorant of any parent or adult to miss the essence of the backlash that Toy Story is facing." As the show was aired, GMB viewers took to Twitter to voice their opinions. It seemed like they had points to support both Afua Adom and Shola Mos-Shogbamimu's statements.


When asked further on why she chose to agree with the criticism, Shola said: โ€˜Itโ€™s not just about crimes. When you say itโ€™s just kids, itโ€™s almost as if we miss the trick in understanding that children are diverse and they have diverse experiences. Movie companies like Pixar and Disney have a global platform to become part of the evolution of diverse inclusion. That inclusion isnโ€™t about race and gender, itโ€™s also about abilities and disabilities, and children on the autistic spectrum. Thereโ€™s so many."


However, Afua Adom, who is a journalist at Glam Africa Magazine, shot back at the criticism exclaiming that the accusers had completely missed real issues facing minority ethnic and female actors in Hollywood. "People have missed the point of Toy Story - it's a story about toys," she said, adding, "I think I saw a diverse range of characters - I saw a Martian, I saw a Mr. Potato Head and I saw a dinosaur."


Adom went on to explain, "If weโ€™re talking about a teachable moment then that teachable moment should be about sustainability. When we watched them, my daughter asked why is Forky trying to get back to the trash, shouldnโ€™t he be trying to get back to the recycling?" She added "I think we should be focusing on live action films where you have two out of 10 leads are actors of color, and only 33 percent of those leads are women. Thatโ€™s where we should be focusing, not on Toy Story 4."


Apart from the characters -the toys-  there seems to be diversity when it comes to behind the scenes of the movie. Toy Story 4 features voice performances from Jay Hernandez, who is of Mexican descent, Japanese actor Ally Maki, Keegan-Michael Key who is black and mixed race, and Carl Weathers. This is really as diverse as it gets. Apart from Duffy, many critics in the US and the UK feel that this is an invalid issue and this shouldn't exist in the first place, because movie-goers only want to sit back and enjoy a movie, and not over-analyze the socio-cultural issues of a movie franchise, especially in one that is loved by all. 


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